A Direct Competitor Of Nvidia’s DLSS Technology Is Being Improved By AMD, And These PC Games Will Be The First To Benefit From FSR 2.0

A Direct Competitor Of Nvidia’s DLSS Technology Is Being Improved By AMD, And These PC Games Will Be The First To Benefit From FSR 2.0

The game Deathloop will be the first to adopt AMD FSR 2.0 on May 12. As a result, this is also regarded the FSR 2.0 technology’s official debut date.

At the end of March, AMD released a lot of information on their AMD FSR 2.0 technology. According to the company, FSR 2.0 will demand more powerful hardware, such as AMD Polaris or NVIDIA Pascal. This also implies that FSR 2.0 will be compatible with NVIDIA graphics cards.

The AMD FSR 2.0 upgrade will be available for the following titles, according to AMD:


  2. Asterigos, Delysium

  3. EVE Online

  4. Farming Simulator 22

  5. Forspoken

  6. Grounded

  7. Microsoft Flight Simulator

  8. NiShuiHan

  9. Perfect World Remake

  10. Swordsman RemakeUnknown 9: Awakening

For games that already support NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR 2.0 will take at least three days to spread out. More than 150 titles presently support this technology.


AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 Game Support

AMD FSR 2.0 is the next generation of open-source, cross-platform upscaling solutions for games. This method achieves the same image quality as the original image quality at all resolutions by utilizing prior frame data.

FSR 2.0 is compatible with a wide range of graphics devices and platforms, including AMD and competitors, and does not require dedicated machine learning hardware. DEATHLOOP, developed by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Game Studios, will be the first to utilize AMD FSR 2.0, with an update planned for May 12, 2022.

Additional games that plan to support this technology in the coming months include Asterigos, Delysium, EVE Online, Farming Simulator 22, Forspoken, Grounded, Microsoft Flight Simulator, NiShuiHan, Perfect World Remake, Swordsman Remake, and Unknown 9: Awakening.

AMD has released some new RDNA 2 graphics cards, and with them comes news of the release of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) version 2.0 and the titles that will be the first to support it.

FSR is AMD’s counterpart of Nvidia’s DLSS, with a few key differences (more on that later), and it’s a frame-rate-boosting technique for compatible games.

Deathloop will be the first game to use FSR 2.0, with support arriving tomorrow (via a patch), which is fitting given that the creative shooter was picked as the feature’s highlight.

AMD also revealed which games will benefit from FSR 2.0 shortly, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, EVE Online, and Forspoken.


AMD FSR Has More Than DLSS

Direct comparisons of performance are difficult. For starters, very few games support both FSR and DLSS. Although DLSS currently supports more games than FSR, it is still two and a half years older. DLSS 1.0 games also don’t look as good as DLSS 2.0 or higher games. We found DLSS to produce superior image quality, but because FSR isn’t as intensive as DLSS, it allows for a larger frame rate boost.

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