A Free Software Tool Has Easily Smashed Nvidia Anti-Crypto Mining GPUs 100%

A Free Software Tool Has Easily Smashed Nvidia Anti-Crypto Mining GPUs 100%

In recent days, cryptocurrency communities have enjoyed quite a stir; apparently, someone has finally discovered how to beat the Ethereum limiter on Nvidia's 3000 RTX graphic cards, introduced by the brand in February 2021.

The launch of Nvidia's LHR limiter is to keep miners from stealing GPU sources from its clients. It performs such a feat by restricting the mining rate on Ethereum to 50% on functional 3000 RTX products. 

Nvidia believes it is among the most efficient and unbeatable methods, which takes longer for miners to decode. But (somehow unsurprisingly), some aspiring miners have partially rendered this system useless; they successfully fling the mining rate back to 70% and more. 

But who is the first miner to beat Nvidia 100%? It is NiceHash, who, on Saturday, has launched a free-of-charge software program that successfully unlocks 100% LHR. "We have set a record to unlock LHR 100%! You are welcome!" He posted on Twitter.


Picture: TechRadar.

What does this milestone mean for miners? Now, these individuals can even earn more money from LHR graphic cards. However, many experts have expressed their doubt over the sellability increase of NiceHash's latest software tool; it is uncertain that this tool will attract new buyers even after this remarkable success. 

Beforehand, buying LHR graphic cards (even with all those limitations) used to be a widespread trend among miners, and it seems that trend has gone out of its fire somewhat. There is a reason behind that:  Ethereum seems to plan to stop its GPU-based mining. Also, upgraded next-gen GPUs are on the horizon, preparing to stir the market.

Many users in cryptocurrency communities have confirmed the efficacy of NiceHash's software tool. Still, some concerns arise in certain regards. First of all, why is it only effective on Windows OS? Why does this tool refuse to function on Linux-based machines? 

And secondly, this tool is only compatible with the Ethash algorithm (DaggerHashimoto). Furthermore, it fails to crack the 3050 RTX and 12GB 3080 graphic cards. 


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Despite this limitation, NiceHash's tool still earns a lot of attention, mainly due to the sheer enigma of the whole event: how does it beat LHR limiters in the first place? Though Nvidia still did not issue any specific comment, it has jokingly claimed that such a feat must be "A Kind of Magic", referencing a Queen's song.

Nvidia Paid Out $5.5 Million to SEC for Charges of Shoddy Crypto Minings.

Nvidia has recently made a $5.5 million payment to settle the charges against its operation. The charges accused Nividia of withholding information about the crypto mining data on its 2017 revenue. 

According to Kristina Litman (from the Cyber Unit and Crypto Assets of Enforcement Division in SEC), the failure of Nvidia data disclosure has prevented people from assessing the company's productivity in key sectors. 

Litman claimed that Nvidia was well-aware of the potent influence of cryptocurrency on the sales increase of the brand's gaming sector throughout 2017. Yet, the company had refused to discuss it further. Nvidia had even mentioned the impact of crypto mining on other corporations, which - from how it unfurls - implies that Nvidia's gaming sector did not bear any impact from crypto mining.


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