AARP-backed Social Network Looks to Lure Older Users from Facebook

AARP-backed Social Network Looks to Lure Older Users from Facebook

Facebook, which turned 18 last month, has created a reputation for being the informal community for older Americans. Almost 72 million Americans beyond 50 years old use Facebook. Although the stage has a more significant number of clients younger than 50 than over, Facebook stays numerous more established Americans' only informal organization. That is something the AARP is hoping to change.

Where Does The Idea Come From?

The pandemic may be the bridge to close the generational tech partition as more older adults run to take on innovation in 2020. AARP's yearly innovation study indicated that utilization expanded across the innovative range. 


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While someone jokes that Facebook is the social network for seniors, leading charitable Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) from AARP announces the send-off of Senior Planet Community. It is a social stage only for regular grown-ups ages 60+ to interface with one another virtually and develops more significant connections.

Senior Planet Community

The social community was created by an AARP partner, Older Adults Technology Services. OATS began giving PC classes to more older people in New York City and has extended its actual impression throughout the long term.

Senior Planet Community was designed explicitly for older grown-ups. A months-in length Senior Planet Community pilot project was taken part in by many seniors. They tried and offered input on the new stage's plan, design, and activity. OATS also talked with client experience specialists who have expertise in planning web projects and items for more older adults.


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Senior Planet Community contains the accompanying highlights:

  • Clear, modern, and simple design.

  • Zero commercials and security, with a guarantee to clients that this social network will not sell their information for advertising.

  • Upgraded openness choices, including bigger text size, expanded text dividing, featuring joins, visually challenged choices, etc.

  • Stage intermediates are responsible for forestalling digital tormenting and the spread of misleading data.

“Senior Planet has been a major part of my life during the pandemic, and I have loved taking part in virtual workouts and classes with other older adults,” said Malvina Abbott, a 78-year old from San Diego, CA. “I think that Senior Planet Community will be the perfect platform for older adults like myself who are eager to make new connections and continue to learn new skills. I encourage all older adults to give Senior Planet Community a try and have fun using a social platform that is just for us!”

Likewise, with every single social organization, an approaching question is how Senior Planet Community will deal with balance. The site has a broad rundown of "house rules" that urges clients to "be obliging" and "refer to your sources." Posts about governmental issues are not taboo, yet the principles say posts can not wander off-subject. 

Clients can not "attack people, social, ethnic, or political gatherings and figures." Users can report posts they think to disregard the guidelines. As of now, the client base is small, so policing it ought to be direct.

“The moderating team keeps an eye on all comments, posts, and updates added to the platform from the backend. Private messages are private, so we encourage all users to report any account that could be harassing them,” Suzanne Myklebust, OATS's director of communications, told Ars. “Once something has been marked as reported, the moderating team will conduct an investigation to respond to the situation appropriately.”

Compared With Facebook

Other than its emphasis on the 50+, Senior Planet Community stands separated from Facebook in that it is not business. The site has no promoting or participation expenses. Except for the fee to run the site develops considerably, that presumably will not present a particular issue. AARP is not saying the amount it has placed into Senior Planet Community. Yet, the association is broadly promoted, with $2.3 billion in net resources and $1.7 billion in income in 2020.

Currently, the site is stripped down when contrasted with Facebook. There is no mobile app yet. However, OATS says it desires to foster one. All of the essential elements are there, including gatherings, photograph sharing, @-notices, notices, and direct informing.

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