All about Sony FX30's Leaks and Rumors

All about Sony FX30's Leaks and Rumors

Sony is well-known for being one of the largest producers of cinema cameras, supplying equipment to Hollywood, agencies, and independent filmmakers. It has already generated fan favorites such as the compact-but-mighty Sony FX3 - and now it appears that a more cheap version of that camera is on the way.

If you were considering purchasing the Sony FX3 (which cost $3,899 / £4,200 at launch), this may be extremely good news. The FX3 is a tiny full-frame cinema camera that combines the Alpha series' design with the superior video capabilities of Sony's cinema portfolio.

While staying familiar to mirrorless Alpha aficionados, this tiny solution provides an entry-level entrance to Sony's movie cameras created. It's built on the Sony A7S III, one of the greatest video cameras money can buy, but it's even more focused on video than that E-mount favorite.

Since its release, the Sony FX3 has proven popular with independent filmmakers and seasoned industry professionals searching for a tiny yet capable B-camera. A year after its introduction, the rumor mills are churning, with Sony Alpha Rumors claiming that a new APS-C version of the movie camera, the FX30, is on the way. But what video goodies can we expect? Here's everything we know thus far, as well as a wishlist of specifications we'd want to see.

Release Date and Prices

We appear to have a firm release date for the Sony FX30. The normally dependable Sony Alpha Rumors is very certain that the camera will be released on September 28, albeit this may vary depending on timezone.

If so, the camera would come little over 18 months after the Sony FX3, which debuted in February 2021. The FX30 would also be Sony's first new mirrorless camera launch of the year, after the Sony A7 IV in October 2021.

There haven't been any huge leaks or speculations concerning the FX30's pricing, but we can make some educated assumptions. The Sony A7S III ($3,499 / £3,800 / AU$5,999 at launch) and the FX3, which cost $3,899 / £4,200 (about AU$7,485) when it was released last year, are the closest cameras to this reported new model.

Both of them are full-frame cameras. If the FX30 features a smaller APS-C sensor, it is more likely to cost about $2,500, which was also mentioned in an earlier leak from Sony Alpha Rumors (opens in new tab). That's still a lot of money for an APS-C camera, but it may be justified if the FX30 retains the majority of the FX3's functionality...

Rumours about Sony FX30

On September 12, Sony Alpha Rumors claimed that it has seen the Sony FX30 and that it resembled the Sony FX3. However, the camera's purported feature list has already changed twice, so we're treating the leaked information with a grain of salt.

The Sony FX30 was expected to include a full-frame sensor at first. However, it currently appears that the FX30 will instead have an APS-C sensor while maintaining the same compact form size of the FX3.

One of the most intriguing rumored specifications for the FX30 is that it may have used the same 26MP APS-C sensor as the Fujifilm X-H2S, a camera with some seriously impressive video capabilities, including 'open gate' 6.2K video (due to the sensor's full 3:2 size) and the ability to shoot 4K/120p video, albeit with a 1.29x crop.

Sony Alpha Rumors states that the FX30 will be able to shoot 4K/120p video, but does not specify whether or not this would include a crop. In fact, for the time being, they are the only speculated specifications for Sony's upcoming cinema camera. But it doesn't mean we can't make up for the significant gaps with our own desire...

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