Three Ways To Contact Sellers on Amazon

Three Ways To Contact Sellers on Amazon

You could have many problems while buying the goods on Amazon and want to contact the sellers immediately. We believed that you placed an order at least once and then realized that you made a mistake.

There are also times when you place an order, but no package arrives at your home. You may want to contact the sellers to know what happened.

As you can see, there are three different ways for you to contact sellers on Amazon:

  • Using the “Returns & Orders” tab.

  • Using the “Product Listing” page.

  • Using the “Buyer/Seller Message Center.”

Now, let’s go into details about these ways to ensure that you know what to do.

Using the "Returns & Orders" tab

This method is only suitable for buyers that had already placed an order.

Step 1: Click on the “Returns & Orders” tab.

You can easily find this tab from the top-right of your Amazon website. Click on it. Ensure that you have already logged in to your Amazon account.


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Step 2: Find your wrong orders in the list on the “Your Orders” page.

After clicking on the “Returns & Orders” tab, you will proceed to a page named “Your Orders.”

Find your wrong order and click the yellow button named “Problem with order.”


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Step 3: Select a topic from “What went wrong?” menu.

In this menu, there are six options for you to choose from:

  • The package didn’t arrive.

  • Missing items or parts.

  • Damaged or defective item.

  • Different from what I ordered.

  • No longer needed.

  • Other issues.

Depending on your problems, click one of the options.


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Step 4: Contact your seller.

After choosing an option on “What went wrong” menus, you will see a question stating “What would you like to do?”.

Under that question, click “Contact seller.”


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Step 5: Select your reason.

After successfully choosing to contact your seller, you will have a list of reasons to choose. If none of the reasons are suitable, you can select “Other issue” and describe your problems.

And remember, after doing that, click send so the seller can receive your messages and try to solve your problem.




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Using the “Product Listing” page

If you want to contact your sellers before buying a product, use this method.

Step 1: Click on the name next to the “Sold by” line.

On the product page, there are details about it. You will see the name of the seller on this page as well. The name is normally placed on the right-side panel. It’s under the “Add to Cart” tab and the “Buy Now” button.

There is a “Sold by” line under this tab and button. Click on the name of the seller. 


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Step 2: Start asking your questions

After proceeding to the seller’s page, you can now start asking questions by clicking on the upper-right button “Ask a question.”


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Step 3: Chatting on the Seller Messaging Assistant.

You will have to select your seller’s question answers on this page. But don’t worry. After choosing and clicking on a few options, you will immediately see a message box.

At this time, you can type your questions or even attach a file to ask for more information about the product you want to buy.

Remember to click the “Send Message” button after you type your questions.



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Using the “Buyer/Seller Message Center"

You can see all your chat logs with other sellers on Amazon with this center. To view, reply or start a conversation with the sellers, you must proceed to the “Buyer/Seller Message Center.”

Step 1: Click on the tab “Account”

Hover your mouse over the “Accounts & Lists” next to the “Returns & Orders” tab on the top-right corner of the website. You will see the tab “Account” under “Your Account” section drop-down while hovering your mouse over.


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Step 2: Click on the “Messages from Amazon and sellers” under the box “Communication and content”

After accessing your Account page, scroll down to see the “Communication and content” box. You will see the “Messages from Amazon and sellers” tab right under it.

After clicking it, you will proceed to the “Message Center.”

Click on the “Buyer/Seller Messages” tab on this page.

You will see all of your messages with other sellers in this tab. You need to find and click on the message you want to reply to.



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And here are the three ways to contact sellers on Amazon. Remember that you should choose a suitable method based on your situation.

If you have already placed an order, you should choose method one if you consider any products and want a clearer view. Then method two is the best choice.

The third method is only suitable for keeping track of your messages. Sometimes the sellers will reply rather late; you will need to check this box regularly to find out if you have gotten any answers.

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