Best Websites To Watch Cartoon Online for Free

Best Websites To Watch Cartoon Online for Free

1. WatchCartoonOnline - Best for anime content.


WatchCartoonOnline is a go-to place for you whenever you want to find classic cartoons. At WatchCartoonOnline you can find many interesting movies including both new and old Japanese anime. The site contains a huge source of animated shows that provide you with a perfect balance between family and mature content.

There are both dubbed and subbed anime content here. You can regularly update newly released anime episodes as soon as they are released with English subtitles.

2. ToonJet - Best for old classic cartoons.


The burgeoning era of cartoons was in the 50s and the 60s with many famous shows your parents may know such as Looney Tunes, Adventures of Mickey Mouse, and Popeye the Sailor Man which became iconic properties in the cartoon industry. ToonJet offers web visitors a huge gallery of old classics.

You can find a lot of old classic cartoons from all over the world on the internet and watch them for free. There is also a community forum that you can participate in by signing up and creating an account.

3. Youtube - Best for a diverse range of cartoon shows from all studios and regions.


There is no doubt that Youtube has become one of the most popular videos launching platforms nowadays. You can access a huge source of free content on this platform. Of course, this one harbors a colossal gallery of cartoon shows. YouTube allows content creators to post their work on this platform for free. There are thousands of dedicated channels to popular networks like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon as owning channels on Youtube.

As such, you can watch clip cuts or full-length shows and movies of your favorite cartoon here. YouTube is a great place for independent artists to publish their animated content as well. Therefore, you can access quality animated content here even with available automatic subtitles. 

4. Cartoon Network HQ - Best for Cartoon Network exclusive content.


If you are a big fan of some famous programs such as Ben 10 and Teen Titans Go, then this site is definitely for you. Once visiting this site,  you can watch a huge amount of amazing content to some of the most popular Cartoon Network shows here.

You should know that the content provided on this site is short clips that were only made for this particular website, so if you want to watch full episodes, you might be disappointed a bit. However, the site does offer a compelling list of online games based on their shows, which can bring you a lot of fun.

5. Cartoons On - Best for plain and clean UI.


Cartoons On is a free site to show old and new cartoons online. The site is very easy to navigate, so you can easily find what you are looking for by either using the built-in search engine or browsing through their catalog. 

You also get to filter content by the studio. For example, if you are a big fan of Disney, you only need to select your preference as Disney and you will only be shown cartoons produced by this particular studio. The site is also home to a large chunk of Japanese Anime which you can watch for free in HD.

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