Complete Guide on How (and Why) to Use Samsung Edge Panels on a Galaxy Phone

Complete Guide on How (and Why) to Use Samsung Edge Panels on a Galaxy Phone

This article will discuss Edge Panel and enable it on Samsung smartphones. So let’s learn how to enable Samsung Edge Control Panel on Galaxy Smartphones.

How To Enable And Use Edge Panels On Samsung Devices

To begin, swipe down from the top of the screen once and tap the gear icon to get to Settings.


In the Settings app, select “Display”.


Scroll down and tap on “Edge Panels.”


First, turn on the switch at the top of the screen, then tap “Table”.


Samsung has pre-installed a scrollable list of Edge Panels for you here. Choose the ones you'd like to use, then press "Edit" to configure them. As an example, let's have a look at the "Applications" panel.


Three recently used apps are shown at the top of the apps screen. By selecting them on the left side, you can add your own to the list below. The dashboard may hold up to 22 apps.


If you don't want to see recent apps, turn off "Show recent apps" by tapping the three-dot menu symbol in the top right.


Tap the back arrow in the top left when you're finished.


The Edge panels can all be set up in the same way. Tap "Galaxy Store" to add more.


Here you can find a list of both free and paid Edge panels. To install, tap the download icon, then activate them as instructed above. 


This screen contains a plethora of possibilities. You may choose which side of the screen it should be on, lock the handle position, alter the position with the floating arrows, color it, and change the transparency and size with the floating arrows.


If you don't lock the handle's position, you can move it at any time by pressing and holding it.


Simply swipe the handle towards the center of the screen to open the edge panel.


You can rotate the panels by swiping them when the edge panel is open.


To close the Edge panel, click anywhere outside of it. 

What is Edge Panel on Samsung Devices?

Edge Panel is an application switcher made for Samsung Smartphones.  If you don't own a Samsung handset, third-party app switcher apps can let you achieve the same functionality on your Android device. 

Edge Panels provide an easy way to switch to your favorite apps. Complete other small tasks without leaving your current app. If you've never tried it, you really should.

Edge Panel is available on Samsung Galaxy devices without downloading any apps. Also, when you activate Edge Panel, it adds a sidebar on the side of the screen.

When you swipe the edge of the screen, the Edge Panel will appear, containing all the apps.


Are you prepared? It's a great feature that keeps all of your favorites in one place. Although I don't see many Galaxy owners using it, Samsung phones have a lot of functionality.

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