EA Is Developing On A "Major IP" - Please Be a New Command & Conquer.

EA Is Developing On A "Major IP" - Please Be a New Command & Conquer.

At the end of 2023, Electronic Arts will release a series of unannounced titles in a newly published financial document.

We didn't expect the publisher to be working on new games, but the specifics of what might be revealed in the paper have us here at TRG buzzing with anticipation. A new Command & Conquer game, for example.

Electronic Arts (EA) reported strong live service growth for March 31, 2022, in its Q4 fiscal year 2022 results.

According to EA's financial figures, the company plans to release many sports titles in the fiscal year 2023. In addition, EA intends to release a "big IP," a partner title, and a remake in fiscal Q4 2023, which runs from January to March 2023.

First impressions suggest that people release the remake in "early 2023" like the anticipated Dead Space remake. However, Dead Space's release date and time have already been made public and would rule it out of this discussion. If such is the case, the impending remake is a complete mystery.

EA and FIFA announced earlier this week that they were ending their 30-year association, with both corporations pledging to continue creating football games.

FIFA and EA have both made significant strides with a FIFA-branded title and a new EA Sports FC series.


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Although people still slate EA to release FIFA 23 next year, it appears implausible that it would be launching a competing sports game, presumably produced by a different studio, in the same year, as indicated in the financial sheet.

Last year, EA found that 71% of net bookings in 2022 were for live services. For the fiscal year, EA made $7.515 billion in new bookings.  EA previously confirmed Apex Legends Mobile would come in May 2022 and features the battle royale shooter Apex Legends.

Despite the pandemic's ongoing issues, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said he has "complete faith" in the capacity of EA's teams to ship games in the coming year.

EA had previously stated that Battlefield 2042 did not reach expectations in the previous quarter.

The Command & Conquer series should be brought back by EA. Developed by Westwood Studios, the firm created Command & Conquers and later became an EA studio. Red Alert 2 and Command & Conquer were standouts in the series' heyday in the 1990s and early 2000s.

In the early '00s, the market for strategy games dwindled, except for Blizzard, the only large publisher to continue making strategy games.

Like many of today's strategy games, a great franchise like Warcraft caters to a loyal fan base even after Blizzard abandoned it in favor of its MMO and StarCraft.

Command & Conquer scratched the itch to play a strategy game. But unfortunately, EA recently rebuilt the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert video games, which should have ended any hopes of a Command & Conquer comeback.

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