Every Week, Software Frustration Costs Workers Millions of Hours.

Every Week, Software Frustration Costs Workers Millions of Hours.

According to a Userlane survey, software-related difficulties might cost firms millions of otherwise productive working hours.

According to the business, a third of UK employees (35%) waste at least one hour per week dealing with software-related issues, while 61 percent spend at least 30 minutes per week on similar topics.

According to Userlane's data, 70% say their total technology usage has increased in the last two years. The need for online collaboration, in particular, has skyrocketed with the shift to hybrid working.

Employees Dissatisfied with Software

According to the study, four out of ten employees (40%) frequently or constantly encounter annoyance or difficulties when using the software. The majority (70%) claim that their widespread use of technology has increased in the last two years.


The following were the top three reasons for software frustration:

  1. The software takes a long time to learn (44 percent )

  2. The IT department does not reply quickly enough to questions or problems (39 percent )

  3. There are much too many sophisticated processes in the software (23 percent )

The survey also indicated a direct link between employee satisfaction and software utilization at work. An overwhelming majority of respondents (88%) felt that utilizing software without becoming frustrated is critical to their job satisfaction and productivity.

How employees commonly respond to software challenges reflects the potential influence on employee wellbeing and productivity:

  • Just under half of the respondents (44%) have put off crucial work tasks.

  • Four out of ten employees (41%) have complained to their boss.

  • Around a fifth of respondents (18%) have attempted to accomplish the same duties manually.

  • Ten people (10%) have refused to use the program anymore.

In some circumstances, employee happiness can be more severe, with nearly one in ten (8%) of those polled saying they have contemplated quitting their job due to software-related concerns.

Business Leaders Face Challenges with Digital Adoption.

Userlane found that almost all (96 percent) businesses face digital adoption challenges. They are struggling to achieve complete employee usage of, and value from, their investments in workplace technology, including software, in a separate survey of senior decision-makers at mid-sized and large organizations.


This has resulted in difficulties such as more extraordinary IT expenses (38%), higher training costs (32%), and lower staff productivity (28 percent). Furthermore, as remote and hybrid working arrangements become more widespread, 78 percent indicated an increase in digital adoption issues.

More than two-thirds (68%) of companies polled said their software training expenses have increased, with the average company spending £2,086.55 per employee each year. Nonetheless, less than half of all software deployments, according to 24%, get the expected return on investment, partly owing to inadequate digital uptake.

Business leaders are exploring a variety of tactics to boost digital adoption, the most prominent of which are:

  • Employee education on the advantages of the new software (36 percent )

  • Increasing the capability of the IT helpdesk (34 percent )

  • More classroom training sessions are being planned (33 percent )

  • Introducing a Platform for Digital Adoption (30 percent )

  • Creating written software instruction manuals (30 percent )

"Even if it may appear to be a massive task, enhancing digital adoption is an IT issue and a challenge for employee experience," Hahn adds. "As a result, it's even more critical that corporations prioritize it." Businesses are not getting the best potential return on investment if staff struggle to use software, losing both time and money. In other words, true digital transformation requires widespread digital adoption. Furthermore, solid digital adoption improves the employee experience."

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