F1 2022 VR Support Sounds like a Genuinely Terrifying Experience

F1 2022 VR Support Sounds like a Genuinely Terrifying Experience

Codemasters has unveiled F1 2022 (or F1 22 as it is now known), the company's yearly Formula 1 series. F1 22 will be available globally on July 1. It will include the new Miami circuit and revisions to the layouts of existing circuits in Australia and Abu Dhabi, F1 Sprint races, and a new era of Formula 1 vehicles with revised regulations. Additionally, the game will support virtual reality on PC, making it the first F1 game to do so. 

We don't know which VR headsets will be supported on F1 22 when it launches on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin. However, you should be fine if you possess an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, or Oculus Quest 2.

Currently, no information is available about a native Quest release, PlayStation VR compatibility, or if it will support PlayStation VR 2 when Sony's following headgear comes.


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So, what else has changed this time? As it turns out, quite a few things. Along with co-op multiplayer and the regular roster changes – we now have the entire lineup of all 20 drivers and ten teams. The Miami Grand Prix also marks the introduction of 2022's newest destination, the Miami International Autodrome. Additionally, a new adaptive AI system has become available for "less experienced gamers." Adaptive AI enables them to take on the challenge, with AI racers customized to their skill level, while intuitive menus and handling return for anyone looking to get right into the action. 

My Team also returns for the third year in a row. You will have the option of selecting a beginning budget and one of three entrance scenarios. That is not to be confused with Frontier Developments' planned F1 Manager 2022 game, which has a similar but broader idea.

VR Might Be a Game-Changer

However, F1 22's compatibility with virtual reality has us the most enthused. A lifetime Formula One fan who has various virtual reality headsets would be convinced by Codemasters' choice. It's frustrating that VR functionality is presently confined to PCs. To be honest, it's unlikely that we will see this operates natively on Quest 2 without substantial compromise. But, VR gives an unmatched level of immersion.

Of course, F1 22 is far from the first racing sim to offer VR. Gran Turismo Sport, Project Cars 2, Driveclub VR, Assetto Corsa, and even Codemasters' own DiRT Rally 2.0 put us behind the wheel.


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So, F1 22 is not the first racing game to incorporate VR. Still, the inclusion of VR in the world's most fantastic race is intriguing. We've always had the option of playing these games from the cockpit. Yet, we're still limited to viewing the action through television or monitor. By advancing to VR, we are placed right into the action, into these 360-degree worlds. 

We find going head-to-head with race leaders like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc somewhat unsettling, especially considering the speeds at which F1 cars can travel. We've all seen how hard those men strive for status in real life. And it's not always fruitful. We are not referring to the controversy surrounding last year's championship decider, but do you recall Monza? When there are points to be earned, collisions are often the result.

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