Gex Jr. is The Unreleased Gex Spinoff We Never Knew We Needed

Gex Jr. is The Unreleased Gex Spinoff We Never Knew We Needed

Gex was a poor PlayStation, Saturn, and 3DO video game released in 1995. Its protagonist, a classic illustration of the era's predilection for anthropomorphized platforming heroes, cracked wise to an unpleasant degree and did nothing to differentiate itself from its competition gameplay. It should have been an afterthought. It was a footnote in gaming history, yet it managed to sell enough copies to inspire two sequels. The first of which featured the titular gecko in 3D. The series has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. And many PS1 players have a strong emotional tie to Gex.


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There is one playable level in which Gex Jr jumps around collecting fizzy pop cans and no HUD. The fact that it's playable will pique the interest of the Gex mentioned above devotees.

We have many questions after seeing a demo for an unreleased (and unnamed) Gex offshoot.

Gex Jr. is a before unreleased PlayStation 1 spinoff of the Gex series. They centered  Gex Jr. on the wise-cracking gecko's offspring. When Hidden Palace user justz00t posted a demo of the game (via Kotaku). This spinoff was never publicized, let alone launched, and so remained a well-kept secret until recently. 

The Gex Jr. demo shows Gex's son navigating a television/movie-themed level. That demo could be in the first trilogy's The Media Dimension – and picking up soda cans.

There's a sign promoting a 'Media Museum' on the colorful platforming level. And television sets are strewn around. They show hazy views of Gex and some guy's face (that we can only assume is one of the developers). A popcorn machine platform and television controllers are also included in the level. Take a look at the following:

Gex Jr., like his father, likes pop-culture allusions, reciting lines from famous TV series and films of the time, such as Star Wars, Blues Clues, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (the build is from 2001).

For the time being, the game's plot remains a mystery, and the rough demo is only one level long. But it's enough to make us wish for a Gex game we never got.

What Happened?

With this demo remaining the only playable (though brief) version of the game, Crystal Dynamics appears to have abandoned Gex Jr.  It's unclear why they shelved Gex Jr. or its aim. So we're left with more questions than answers about the Gex offshoot.


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Yet, it has piqued our interest in a Gex revival. The silky Geko last visited our consoles in 1999. Making about it 23 years after they published the original Gex trilogy. But, the pop-culture-loving lizard may make a comeback as Square Enix (who now owns Crystal Dynamics) filed a trademark for the term 'Gex' in late 2021. They sparks speculation that a revival of the series is in the works.

Furthermore, Sony's revised PS Plus membership, which will let those registered to its premium tier play a library of old PlayStation games, might bring Gex to a whole new generation. While they have yet to verify the library list, we're hopeful that the original Gex trilogy will be included.

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