Google is Set to Do away with a Longtime Chromebook Feature

Google is Set to Do away with a Longtime Chromebook Feature

Google appears to be removing its Smart Lock function. It is a convenient method to access a Chromebook by using an Android phone as an authentication key (rather than, say, a password).

Google considers this feature useless to Chrome OS. According to entries in the Chromium Repository (via Chrome Story). The team used a tracker to determine the total number of users who had Smart Lock enabled. And after determining that it’s not of much use. They pushed down an update that added the Smart Lock login removal flag and notified users who had previously used the pending change feature.

A change comment confirmed that this is. The actual removal of Smart Lock and not a temporary disabling for an update. The comment reads: “Since we are removing the sign-in with Smart Lock feature. We no longer need this subpage.”

Because Google hasn’t made an official announcement about the issue, it’s better to wait before accepting this as gospel truth.



Will Smart Lock Be Missed? Most Likely Not, Although Chromebooks Should Perform Better Without It

Smart Lock may be on its way out, but it doesn’t appear that many users would notice if it did. Google monitoring data is accurate and functional. Having an extra feature isn’t superfluous; it’s likely harmful.

Anything more and useless in systems with interlocking components and features. Such computers do not provide value, but it does compel the developer. And even the computer itself, to consider that feature in whatever it is doing.

If the Chromebook is currently looking for an Android phone that could unlock it but seldom, if ever. Doing so is wasting energy and battery life. Furthermore, any unnecessary features may impair. Or even damage the performance of other features elsewhere. Thus it’s not worth keeping a rarely used feature around “in case.”

While it’s not official that the SmartLock function is being phased out, if it’s not in use, this should happen because deleting it can only make your Chromebook run better.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops that run on Google’s operating system known as “Chrome OS.” Chrome Operating System, instead of Windows or Mac OS. Connect to the internet these notebooks must be since most applications are online and must have a connection to run web applications and store data. Chromebooks are also called Chrome Computers by the public.


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