How Can I Obtain White Dyes in Minecraft? An Unrivaled Guide

How Can I Obtain White Dyes in Minecraft? An Unrivaled Guide

How can I obtain white dyes in Minecraft? We have received this question from many readers in the past few months. Fortunately, the answer to this dilemma is very simple. Do not skip this article if you want to obtain dyes as quickly as possible!

Overall, there are three basic steps:

  • Step 1. Activate The Workbench

  • Step 2. Insert Lily of The Valley or Bone Meal 

  • Step 3. Add The Dye to Your Inventory

How Can I Obtain White Dyes in Minecraft?

This process only takes three simple steps. Check them out and follow them closely!

Step 1. Activate The Workbench

Open your craft table to begin producing. This process calls for supplies you have gathered and stored in your inventory. Once you reach your craft table, a 3x3 crafting grid will show up.

Step 2. Insert Lily of The Valleys or Bone Meal 


Lily of the valleys is a flower that grows in Flower woodland biomes. These biomes include the Redwood Grove, Birch Jungle Hills, and Flower Woods. Obtain the flowers by using Skeletal Meal on a Gravel or Glass Block.

Insert either Bone Meal or lily-of-the-valley into the first basket of the first row. Ensure that you arrange it correctly, or else other plants may develop.

Step 3. Add The Dye to Your Inventory

Drag the generated white dyes to your inventory. Once done, you may begin coloring objects across the realm.


1. What Is The Purpose of White Dyes?

White dyes help you lighten the color of objects. There are two ways to revitalize a significant portion of your environment. One is to employ specialized crafting methods. Another is to apply White Dye directly to your goods and creatures.

2. Can Bone Meal Serve as A White Dye Substitute?

Despite their similarity in appearance, Bonemeal cannot be a substitute for White Dye. This notion is true for most recipes, though there are some exceptions. They mostly prevail in the Classic Edition.

Still, Bone Meal once came in handy for similar tasks as White Dye in the older game versions. White dye's introduction to Minecraft only occurred on December 11, 2018. It is a part of the Bedrock Edition 1.8.0 release. Update 1.14, published on April 23, 2019, added White Dye to the Java Version of the game.

3. How Can I Obtain Bone Meal?


It is okay to get Bone Meal with Composters. However, we find it much simpler and faster to obtain Bone Meal from the decomposition of Bones.

It would help if you fed Skeleton mobs to get a large number of Bones rapidly. That won't take you long to locate and fight these scaly adversaries. When killed, each Skeleton will yield between 0 and 2 Bones. To accelerate the process of harvesting Skeletons, you may consider constructing an XP farm.

Skeleton Strays and Horses drop Bones with the same frequency as Skeletons. In addition, there is a 1% chance of catching Bones when fishing. You may find them in Chests pretty often.

Approximately sixty percent of Chests contain between one and eight Bones. They are popular in Dungeons, Desert Shrines, Jungle Temples, and Forest Mansions.

4. How Can I Dye My Objects?


In Minecraft, you may color anything with any color. They might be sheep, wool, the collar of tamed wolves, or firecracker stars. All you need is to pick your preferred shade or the dye portion of the recipe.

Several methods are feasible for coloring an object. You might apply the color immediately by putting the dyes on an object. At the same time, use the mouse to adjust its position in the realm. Modifying its placement on the crafting table is alright, too.

Living creatures such as sheep can get colored while they are still moving. Removing their wool results in the appropriate dye color. If you already have wool in your inventory, applying a dye to it on the crafting grid will suffice.


How can I obtain white dyes in Minecraft? We hope this detailed guideline helps clear some clouds for you. The steps covered are very straightforward and time-efficient. They should take you less than a few minutes for each dye!

Nevertheless, we understand that some novices might still struggle despite the guideline. In such cases, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will do our best to clear your confusion! 

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