How Can You Get Scutes in Minecraft?

How Can You Get Scutes in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a scute is something you can't make with a crafting table or furnace because you can't make them. So instead, you have to look for and gather this item in the game. One piece of the Turtle's shell stays behind when the Turtle grows up. A scute is one of these pieces of shell.

When you kill creatures in Minecraft, you can't get Scutes as a reward. That is different from many other mob drops. The only way to get scutes in Minecraft is:

  • Raising a baby Turtle to adulthood.

How to Get Scutes in Minecraft

During the Aquatic Update in 2018, Minecraft added things like turtle eggs and scutes. People were very excited about this. Below are the details to get scutes

Raising A Baby Turtle To Adulthood

1. Find a Baby Turtle

First, your Minecraft world needs a baby turtle. To get a baby turtle, you can breed turtles on the beach where they live. You can usually find turtles in the beach biome.


2. Feed the Baby Turtle some Seagrass

As with other animals, you will need to feed turtles a certain food to get them to breed. That is how you get other animals to breed. If you want turtles to start having sex, you'll need Seagrass, a plant that grows in the sea. It happens when you feed two turtles each a piece of Seagrass. If they are close enough, they will lick each other for a few seconds. After that, when they separate, one of them will have a little more space in their stomachs. Follow this one because it's the Turtle taking the eggs. The turtles will lay eggs on their home beach when they get there. In about 4 to 5 in-game days, the eggs will become baby turtles that can swim. Green particles will surround the baby turtle seagrass as you feed it. That indicates that it is getting older. Keep feeding the baby turtle until it matures.


3. Pick up the Scute

When the young Turtle has eaten enough (or enough time has passed), it will mature into an adult and shed its Scute.

How To Make Baby Turtles Grow Quicker

Baby Turtles, like their parents, like eating Seagrass. Every 1 pound of Seagrass fed to a newborn Turtle brings them 10 percent closer to adulthood. As a result, 10 Seagrass should be adequate to grow a newborn Turtle fully.

Both turtle eggs and turtle babies are very vulnerable. For example, a mob that isn't an adult Turtle can break Turtle Eggs if they jump on them or step on them. It can cause them to break. Another thing to note is that many monsters and animals often eat babies in Minecraft.

Common enemies like Zombies, Drowned, and Skeletons will kill baby Turtles for no reason at all. Ocelots and Wolf will attack them. They will also be attacked by stray cats, cats, and even Foxes.

As a result of these dangers, you should construct a barrier around your breeding area to keep everything protected. You may accomplish this very easily by erecting some fences and walls. 

What Can You Do With Scutes?

For 1 Emerald, you could theoretically sell 4 Scutes to certain Villagers for 4 Scutes. It is an excellent method to make a lot of Emeralds from your Turtle farm. This trade option is available to Villagers who have reached the level of Expert Leatherworker.


On the other hand, Expert-level Cleric Villagers have a better chance of succeeding. Clerics have a 50% chance of having this trade in the Bedrock edition, whereas they have a 66% chance in the Java edition. 


1. How do you farm scutes?

It doesn't matter if you don't have a silk-touch tool; just build your farm around eggs. You don't have to build a farm to get eggs in the wild. With a silk touch tool, pick up the eggs and put them in a safe place for when they hatch. Then, as the turtles grow, you can take their scutes.

2. In Minecraft, what does "Scute" mean?

Scutes are things that turtles drop when they become adults.

Because they can make turtle shells, they can be used to make the potion of the Turtle Master.

3. Is a turtle helmet preferable to a diamond helmet?

Turtle shells aren't as good as diamond or nephrite helmets, but they are better than turtle shells. As a result, players must make their exotic turtle helmets protect them. Other types of protection enchantments can also be used in different situations. 


A scute is a useful thing. Many people who want to get a lot of scutes in their Minecraft world will make a turtle farm. Hopefully, after reading, you can get scutes in Minecraft. 

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