How to Add More Ethernet Ports to Your Router

How to Add More Ethernet Ports to Your Router

Because of its ease, most people throughout the world prefer to use wireless Internet at home. Some individuals still prefer cable Internet since it is often more stable than Wi-Fi. Some consumers wish to connect many devices to their wired network, but they run into a dilemma. The issue at hand has a lot to do with routers and their limits when it comes to Ethernet ports. So, in a case like this, adding extra ports is an option, but it's easier said than done.

How to Expand a Router's Ethernet Ports

  • Add more ports with an Ethernet switch.

  • On mobile devices, the internet is slower.

  • Ready for Gigabit Ethernet

  • Can an Ethernet Switch be used in another dimension?

1. Add More Ports With An Ethernet Switch.

We advocate utilizing an Ethernet switch to increase the number of Ethernet ports available to you through your router. These devices will connect straight to one of your router's Ethernet ports, allowing you to utilize the switch's other ports.

An Ethernet Switch is no longer free to use unless someone is willing to do it for you. The cost of ownership is pretty low. Keep in mind that the more ports you desire, the more you'll have to pay.

We should have mentioned that you can turn your old Wi-Fi router into a switch. But due to its complexity, we'll have to save that for another article.


2. On Mobile Devices, The Internet Is Slower

The difficulty is that when you connect an Ethernet switch to your router, it only uses one port. Because one port only supports restricted bandwidth. If your switch has four ports, all devices connected to those ports will work from one, the router's main port.

When all your devices are connected to the internet at the same time, the bandwidth from the main port is shared among the four ports on your switch.

You should have fewer problems with bandwidth sharing in general if you use each device.

3. Ready for Gigabit Ethernet

Making sure your router and the switch itself support gigabit performance is one approach to ensure a speed gain for all devices connected to an Ethernet Switch. For example, the ports can support rates of up to 10Gb, so even if your internet connection is slow. The 10Gb port should be able to keep up with all your gadgets.

If your router only supports 100Mb, you should upgrade to a gigabit router that can push 1000Mb, which is ten times the speed of 100Mb. You'll need devices that can support quicker speeds to make use of these new routers. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are two products that can do this.


4. Can An Ethernet Switch Be Used In Another Dimension?

It is simple to move your Ethernet Switch to another room. You will want the help of an Ethernet extension cable. You can then choose the size that best fits your requirements and get to work.


1. What Is The Purpose Of Ethernet Cables?

An Ethernet cable's purpose is to send a high-speed signal between a modem, router, computer, and other Internet-capable devices connected across the connection. Because of its capabilities, an Ethernet cable makes sense for people with high-speed connections.

2. Is An Ethernet Cable Faster Than A Wi-Fi Connection?

Wi-Fi is fantastic since it can give a reliable and fast internet connection to all your devices. An Ethernet cable cannot provide more dependability, speed, or security.


The most reliable way to connect your PCs, smart devices, and gaming consoles to the internet is still over-wired networking. Wired networks are less sensitive to interference than wireless networks, and faster speeds are attainable if you're willing to pay more.

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