Complete Guide on How to Clear Keyboard History on iPhone

Complete Guide on How to Clear Keyboard History on iPhone

On iPhones and iPad, the default setting allows the keyboard to learn from your typing style to automatically suggest words and phrases you’re likely to use in a conversation.

While this feature is supposed to help you type quicker, it frequently goes wrong and slows you down by recommending incorrect or misspelled words and replacing written words with incorrect or undesirable terms.

The temporary method is to clear Keyboard History on your iPhone, but the permanent method for this problem is to disable the Predictive Text feature on your device.

This post will show you three different ways to clear Keyboard History on your iPad. Let’s get started!

  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone

  • Disable Auto-correction

  • Disable Keyboard History on iPhone permanently

How to Clear Keyboard History on iPhone?

Removing Keyboard History helps you prevent incorrect word suggestions. Beside that, another reason to delete Keyboard History or off Predictive Text on your iPhone is to avoid your device revealing pet names or code phrases as you type, which is especially annoying when you're around others.

Method 1: Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone


If your iPhone is giving you too many inaccurate word suggestions, you can quickly resolve the issue by clearing the Keyboard Dictionary.

To reset the keyboard dictionary, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset and select Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

This will delete all of the words that iPhone has learned from your typing, including any misspelled words, pet names, or code words that have been saved in the Keyboard Dictionary.

Method 2: Disable Auto-Correction


Another option is to disable the Auto-Correction feature, which allows iPhone to propose words but prohibits it from correcting your entered words automatically.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn off the Auto-Correction setting.

After that, your iPhone will no longer automatically correct words you input in iMessage or other apps.

Method 3: Disable Keyboard History on iPhone Permanently


Suppose you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of deleting your keyboard data regularly. In that case, you may turn off Predictive Text, which prevents iPhone from tracking your typing and adding words to the keyboard dictionary

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > On the following screen, toggle off Predictive.

After that, your iPhone will no longer disturb you with word recommendations or replace your written words.


1. What’s the difference between Auto-Correction and Predictive Text?

Auto-correction: You have a handful of options if you're tired of cleaning your keyboard history to get rid of unwanted suggestions or corrections. Your iPhone will still offer potentially wrong words if you disable auto-correct, but it will not automatically insert them for you. This is the ideal solution if you don't want to remove your keyboard history but are having problems with inaccurate auto-corrections.

Predictive text: Another option is to turn off predictive text. When you turn off predictive text, the iPhone dictionary stops learning new words and stops making suggestions as you type. It's also useful if you wish to turn off suggestions for a while. Switching off predictive text could keep you from an embarrassing prediction appearing up if you're intending to project or mirror your iPhone to give a presentation, for example.

2. How to view my iPhone keyboard history?

You can’t view your iPhone keyboard history. The keyboard dictionary can learn and save words for use as predictive text or auto-correction in the future. However, there is no way to access or amend a list of those words. Resetting the keyboard dictionary is your sole choice if you are receiving unwelcome recommendations or corrections.

3. How can I change the keyboard on my iPhone?

To switch keyboards after installing a new iPhone keyboard, hit the globe icon at the bottom of the screen. If you have many keyboards installed, keep tapping the globe until the one you want appears. You can also change the language of the keyboard.

4. Is it possible to remove specific words from iPhone predictive text?

No. Only the predictive text can be reset and disabled. You can’t delete individual words and phrases.

5. How to move the keyboard on my iPhone?

To move the iPhone keyboard around, long-press the Keyboard icon and then touch Undock. To return the keyboard to its original location, tap Dock.


You will be able clear keyboard history on your iPhone by following all the steps included in our instruction above. We hope you found this tutorial helpful in making your life easier and enhancing your productivity. Please forward this post to your friends and family, and come back to our website for more useful information. Thank you!

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