How to Create a Smoker in Minecraft?

How to Create a Smoker in Minecraft?

A smoker is a block built in Minecraft and used to cook food. As long as you have a furnace and enough wood on hand, the process is straightforward. Using a smoker instead of a furnace allows you to cook twice as quickly. Even if the furnace can't smelt ore, you should still have access to both. 

We will show you how to make a smoker in Minecraft through 3 steps. Let's continue to follow the article!

How to Create a Smoker in Minecraft?

We will explore 3 steps below to know the best way to make a smoker in Minecraft.

Step 1: Begin By Navigating To Your Crafting Menu.

To make a smoker, open your Minecraft artboard. The grid should look the same as in the image below.


Step 2: Include The Furnace And Wood Or Logs In The Menu.

Place the oven on the worktop and four firewood or logs on the grate. You can use any log, stained log, wood, or wood.

The elements must be added to the grid precisely, as indicated in the figure below. Again, we'll use oak logs in this example.

Place 1 oak log in the center box of the first row.

Place 1 oak log in the first compartment. 

1 oven in the second compartment. And 1 oak log in the third compartment on the second row.

Place 1 oak log in the middle bin of the third row.


It is the recipe for the Minecraft smoker. You'll notice a smoker appear in the box now that you've added the products to the abovementioned roster.

Step 3: Place the smoker in your inventory.

To utilize the smoker, drag it to your inventory after you've created it. That's how a smoker is made!

Smokers in Minecraft are bricks that cook food twice as fast as a furnace.

They are also helpful as a butcher's job site block. 


Congratulations, you have successfully created a smoker in Minecraft! 


1. How can a smoker prepare dishes?

Smokers can prepare any culinary item that can be designed in Minecraft. For example, they are used for cooking raw meats such as beef, poultry, mutton, rabbit, and various fish.

Cooked meat has a considerably higher saturation level than raw meat. Thus it is helpful to boil your meat before eating it, especially if you are hungry. You can also cook potatoes to make baked potatoes.

2. How does a blast furnace smoker get made?

Add 5 iron blocks, 3 smooth bricks, and 1 furnace to create a blast furnace smoker on a workbench. Arrange the three iron blocks in the first row.

Then, on the second row, put one iron bar in the first box, one oven in the second box, and one iron bar in the third box.

Finally, arrange the three smooth stones in the third row. Check out our guide on making a blast furnace in Minecraft for the entire tutorial.

3. What do you need in Minecraft for a smoker?

In the 33 crafting grid, place 1 furnace and 4 wood, logs, or stripped logs to make a smoker. You can craft with any wood, such as oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, or dark oak. In this example, we'll use oak wood. 

4. In Minecraft, how can you use a lightning rod?

Set the Lightning Rod on top of the copper and wait for it to be struck. The greenish color will go. 

It emits a Redstone signal while struck by lightning. So you can integrate the Lightning Rod into a Redstone circuit of your design. 


Congratulations! As a result of your efforts, you've now built your furnace. A stone pickaxe may be made by mining an additional three pieces of cobblestone. So you can utilize your wooden pickaxe as your first fuel source for cooking meals. 

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