How to Fix a Dead Pixel on Your Screen and Smartphone?

How to Fix a Dead Pixel on Your Screen and Smartphone?

A stuck or dead pixel on the screen may be annoying because it creates dark spots which obscure your view. If your computer or smartphone is out of warranty, you can repair it yourself through some simple ways. This article will guide you on how to test new displays for stuck or dead pixels and how to fix them.

How to test new monitors for stuck or dead pixels?

You can use some tools to test whether your new screens have dead or stuck pixels. There is an online tool worth trying; it is the EIZO monitor test.

EIZO Monitor Test

EIZO Monitor Test is an online tool to help you find and fix stuck pixels. You can choose the tests you want to carry out by ticking checkboxes. You should keep the default settings. When you're ready, click Start Test. If you find a stuck pixel error, you should use the UDPixel or JScreenFix tool to fix the problem.


Difference between stuck pixel and dead pixel

  • Stuck pixels will appear in any color, consisting of three sub-pixels: red, green, and blue.

  • Dead pixels are different. All sub-pixels will be completely disabled. Therefore, the pixel will appear black.

If you find the screen has colored or white pixels, you can fix it. And if you see a black pixel, the chances of fixing it are meager.

How to fix dead/stuck pixels on the screen?

Unfortunately, you cannot fix a deal pixel, but it's possible for a stuck pixel. There're some methods you can try before bringing your computer/smartphone to a professional store. 

  • To fix a stuck pixel, use a third-party tool to flash the pixel with multiple colors. The article recommends UDPixel (Windows) or LCD (online).

  • You can try a manual method like rubbing the stuck pixel with a damp cloth or a pointed but soft object; you can use the rubber/eraser on a pencil's tip.

1. JScreenFix (Web)

JScreenFix won't help you find a stuck pixel, but it can help you fix it. Just click the Launch JScreenFix button at the bottom of the page.

The tool will load a black browser window with a square of blinking pixels. Tap the green button at the bottom right corner to switch to full-screen mode. Drag the square to the position where you found the stuck pixel and leave it there for at least 10 minutes.

2. PixelHealer (Windows)

Aureltec built this Windows application as a companion to the InjuredPixels tool to detect dead or stuck pixels.


PixelHealer allows you to flash a combination of black, white, all primary colors, and custom colors in a draggable window with a custom size. You can even change the flash interval and set a timer to close the app automatically.

To close the app, click the Close PixelHealer button at the bottom right.

3. Dead Pixel Test and Fix (Android)

This Android tool can both check and fix dead or stuck pixels on your Android device.

Let it run through all the colors in Auto mode to detect if you have any weird pixels on the screen. If there is, start fixing it, which will quickly flash the entire screen with black, white, and primary color pixels.

4. Manually fix stuck pixels

If none of these tools solve your stuck or dead pixel problem, you can try the manual method. You can combine any of the tools listed above and your own hands.

Let's go through quick steps you should follow:

  • Turn off the screen.

  • Take a damp cloth so as not to scratch the screen.

  • Press firmly on the area where the pixel is stuck. Try not to apply pressure anywhere else, as this can create more stuck pixels.

  • While pressing, turn on the computer and the screen.

  • Stop pressing, and the stuck pixel should disappear.

This works because, in a stuck pixel, the fluid in one or more of its subpixels doesn't spread equally. When the screen's backlight is on, different amounts of liquid pass through the pixel to produce different colors. When you apply pressure, you are squeezing the fluid out, and when you stop pressing, the liquid will most likely push in, spreading around equally as usual.

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