A Complete Guide On How to Fix a Split Keyboard on Ipad

A Complete Guide On How to Fix a Split Keyboard on Ipad

A frequently asked issue is how to fix a split keyboard on an iPad. If the keyboard on your iPad appears to be split in half or minor, there is a simple solution to restore it.

A mini floating keyboard comes in handy when a user wishes to type on the iPad with one hand. On the other hand, a split-screen keyboard can be a game-changer. While typing on a split keyboard layout may appear challenging, it is pretty simple.

  • Using iPad’s Keyboard

  • Using Settings

How to Fix a Split Keyboard on Ipad

Below is a step by step guide:

Using iPad’s Keyboard

  • Step 1:

By tapping a text box, you can bring up your keyboard.

  • Step 2:

Pull the two keyboards together with your fingers and drag them closer.

  • Step 3:

Select Merge or Dock and Merge by holding down the keyboard button for a second or two.


  • Step 4:

Release the button. Return your keyboard to the bottom of your screen.

Using Settings

  • Step 1:

To do so, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard.

  • Step 2:

To switch off the Split keyboard, tap the switch.


Why Use Split Keyboard On iPad?


You can use the split keyboard on your iPad, which is an on-screen keyboard function. This feature lets you type on the screen with your thumbs instead of needing a traditional keyboard. This keyboard form provides ease and a change from the on-screen QWERTY keyboard. Considering the iPad's size, trying to reach the keys across the keyboard can be inconvenient. Apple came up with a solution: the split keyboard, which allows you to type more quickly on your iPad.

Split Keyboard Vs. Floating Keyboard

By now, you should know that a split keyboard is a feature. It divides the standard QWERTY keyboard view into two halves, one on each side of the screen. To your satisfaction, the on-screen keyboard's placement or position can be modified when using the split keyboard. However, the top, center, and bottom of the screen are the only options. Because it is not docked, it gives the idea that the keyboard is floating.

Another aspect of the iPad keyboard is the floating keyboard. Unlike the split keyboard, the floating keyboard maintains the QWERTY structure. The size of the keyboard, on the other hand, changes as you move it over the screen. It shrinks to an iPhone-sized QWERTY keyboard when hovered until you release it, at which point it expands. This keyboard is also not docked on the screen in any way. The term "floating keyboard" refers to the fact that it can be relocated anywhere on the net.

You may also manually modify the size of the iPad keyboard when it is in floating keyboard mode. If you wish to move the keyboard to a different location, you can scale it down and move it. When you pinch the keyboard away, it will scale up and assume a full view of the QWERTY keyboard when it is not docked.


1. Why Is My iPad Keyboard Split In Half?

Some users have trouble mastering this motion. Therefore they must go into settings to restore the keyboard to its original state. Go to Settings, General, and Keyboard to turn off the Split Keyboard. Then, toggle the Split Keyboard off.

2. Did Apple Remove Split Keyboard On iPad?

The split keyboard feature isn't accessible on the iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch devices. Other iPad versions, such as the iPad Air, iPad mini, and 10.2 iPad, should still be able to use it.

3. Why Is My Screen Not Full Width?

Your graphics card is to blame for your full-screen problem. Your monitor may not display full screen if your graphics card driver is missing or outdated. It would help if you upgraded your video card driver to the most recent version.


The problem of how to fix a split keyboard on an iPad has been solved. In the iPads, the split keyboard view is not a mistake. It's merely one of the iPad's inconsequential features. It has benefits, such as ease of use when typing on your iPad. So don't worry if your keyboard splits in half next time – your iPad isn't broken. Your settings must have been tampered with. Understanding how to fix a split keyboard on an iPad will make this more accessible. We hope you found this post helpful.

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