How to Get Turtle Shells in Minecraft?

How to Get Turtle Shells in Minecraft?

In Minecraft 1.18, turtle shells are unique headgear. These can be worn to get special abilities and even manufactured certain potions. Helmets are usually made from materials like iron and diamonds. Players can, however, create these with the help of turtles. 

Turtles are a passive mob that spawns in groups of three to four on beaches. Players must usually breed baby turtles because they rarely spawn naturally. Scute is the most important component of these helmets. Although creating this helmet is a lengthy procedure, gamers will profit from it.

  • Step 1: Find Turtles and Seagrass

  • Step 2: Breed Them and Let Them Lay Eggs

  • Step 3: Protecting and Waiting for the Eggs

  • Step 4: Growing a Baby Turtle

  • Step 5: Crafting a Turtle Shell Helmet

How to Get Turtle Shells in Minecraft?

The following is a detailed visual explanation of getting turtle shells in Minecraft. 

1. Find Turtles and Seagrass

First, players must locate a few adult turtles and some seagrass to breed them. You can find turtles on beaches and in warm ocean biomes on occasion. You can also find seagrass on the ocean floor. The goal is to raise them to adulthood so that they can shed their scutes. 


2. Breed Them and Let Them Lay Eggs

Players can use seagrass for breeding these creatures once they've found them. As long as they have the seagrass, they will follow the player. They will mate once they enter 'love mode,' and one of them will walk around making some digging motion. One of the mobs finds a suitable location to lay their eggs during this time. After stirring the sand, they will lay eggs.


3. Protecting and Waiting for the Eggs

Making a turtle shell is the most time-consuming and arduous phase. Players must wait for the eggs to hatch before they can spawn baby turtles. It can take up to 5 in-game days to complete. 

Several natural disasters may occur during this time, and the eggs may be broken. Players or hostile mobs can walk and jump on them, or you can break them by accident. As a result, you must safeguard them.

4. Growing a Baby Turtle

Baby turtles will spawn from the eggs after a long wait. They are the tiniest mobs in the game, and they must be defended against enemy mobs. Players can feed them seagrass to speed up their growth. Scutes, which are their shells from newborns, will be shed once they are completely grown. 

5. Crafting a Turtle Shell Helmet

Players will create the turtle shell on the crafting table once they have five scutes from this process. You can make turtle skins by combining five scutes in a standard helmet design.

Uses of This Item

Once players obtain this item, they can use it as a regular helmet. It grants them 2 armor points and 10 seconds of underwater breathing. Once the player has taken a full breath, this status effect will be reset and can be utilized again.


1. Can you get turtle shells from killing turtles in Minecraft?

Do not try it! Not only are many turtle species endangered, but turtles do not shed their shells when they pass away. Instead, you'll have to piece together your own turtle shell from the scutes that a young turtle sheds as it matures into an adult turtle.

2. How do you farm scutes in Minecraft?

If gamers discover them naturally, they must construct a fence around them to keep other mobs away. You can also use a Silk Touch pickaxe to move the eggs. Players can breed turtles if they don't have any. They can use seagrass to guide them into a fence.

3. How do you spawn turtles in Minecraft survival?

Holding a block of seagrass in your hands will attract turtles to follow you, but gathering the eggs yourself and placing them where you want them is a simpler approach to assure that they will return. Two turtles fed seagrass will produce sea turtle eggs.


Minecraft is one of the most imaginative video games available. It provides you with several possibilities and tools to test your wit. Hopefully, this article provided you with instructions on how to get turtle shells in Minecraft.

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