How to Make Jack O Lantern Minecraft

How to Make Jack O Lantern Minecraft

The Jack-o'-lantern is a robust carved pumpkin block upgraded for Minecraft's Halloween special. A Jack O'lantern is a festive carved pumpkin lantern. It associates with the Halloween season in the real world. Meanwhile, its application in Minecraft differs significantly from that in the actual world.

First and foremost, they serve as a light source similar to a torch. The critical difference is that the torch has a greater light radius and can operate underwater. Another advantage of Jack O Lanterns is that they deter hostile mobs.

  • Step 1: Open the Crafting Table

  • Step 2: Add Items to Make a Jack o'Lantern

  • Step 3: Place Torch

  • Step 4: Place in Inventory

How to Make Jack O Lantern Minecraft

So, what can Minecraft players do with a Jack O Lantern, and how can they construct one for themselves? Here's a comprehensive guide to everything that matters.

Step 1: Open the Crafting Table

To begin making the Jack o'lantern, open your crafting table. And then use the gathered ingredients from your inventory. When you open your crafting table, you'll see a 3x3 crafting grid that looks like this:


Step 2: Add Items to Make a Jack o'Lantern

A crafting area consisting of a 3x3 crafting grid should be visible in the crafting menu. Place 1 carved pumpkin and 1 torch in the 3x3 crafting grid to make a jack o'lantern.

When carving a jack o'lantern, make sure to position the carved pumpkin and torch in the precise pattern shown. One carved pumpkin should be in the middlebox of the first row. One torch should be placed in the center box of the second row. This is how you make a jack o'lantern in Minecraft.


The jack o'lantern will emerge in the box once you've filled the crafting space.

Step 3: Place Torch

Place the torch directly beneath the carved pumpkin, the second cell in the second row.


Step 4: Place in Inventory


Required Materials to Make Jack O Lantern

  • 1 block of Carved Pumpkin

  • Torch

A pumpkin is an item you cannot make with a crafting table or furnace in Minecraft. Instead, you must locate and collect this item within the game. Look for a pumpkin plant in your Minecraft world, which you may find in the Extreme Hills or Plains biomes. After discovering a pumpkin plant, you'll need to dig it up. Make sure to get the pumpkin before it vanishes.

You've got the pumpkin and the shears. Finally, we can complete one of Jack O'lantern's building components. Place the pumpkin on the ground near you. Using the Hotbar, equip the shears. Left-click on the pumpkin while fitted with the shears to use the shears. The pumpkin will have marks on it, showing that it has been successfully carved.

All that remains is for you to dig up the carved pumpkin and place it in your inventory.

Place 1 coal/charcoal and 1 stick in the 3x3 crafting grid to make a torch.


1. Is it possible to dress up as a jack-o-lantern in Minecraft?

Make sure you drag the pumpkin into your helmet slot. Note that only regular pumpkins will function; Jack'o'lanterns will not.

2. What is the most extensive range of jack o lantern lights in Minecraft?

Jack-o-lanterns are light-emitting pumpkins made by placing a pumpkin. They aren't naturally found in Minecraft. Because jack-o-lanterns emit a light intensity of 15 from all angles, they can cover the face.

3. In Minecraft, where can you locate Jack O'Lanterns?

In Minecraft, where can you locate Jack O'Lanterns? You could come across a pre-made Jack o'lantern in the mounds of pumpkins. Because Jack lanterns flash brightly at night, they're easiest to spot.

4. Are candles better than Jack O'Lanterns?

Jack O'Lanterns are a light source that is more powerful than a torch. Because of their light level of 15, they can melt snow and ice near them. In terms of light, they're on par with Glowstone, Redstone Lamps, and Beacons and one point ahead of Torches.

5. What kind of candles can you use in jack-o-lanterns?

Lighting a jack-o'-lantern pumpkin with a tea light is a tried-and-true method. Nothing compares to the comforting glow of a real candle. However, they may be somewhat inconvenient.


Congratulations. You have created a Jack o'lantern. Because of their unusual design, Jack O Lanterns make excellent navigational beacons. They're sometimes used in ghost house-themed building projects to add spookiness. It is remarkable when combined with cobwebs and Redstone torches.

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