A Complete Guide on How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft

A Complete Guide on How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft

The bow is one of Minecraft's most valuable and fascinating items. On Minecraft Servers, you can use it to find food and defend against aggressive monsters.

Even with careful handling, bows are brittle and likely to sustain damage with each usage. You want them to last long enough to be helpful. You'll need to keep them in good working order with regular maintenance and repairs. We bring three ways for you.

  • How to fix a bow using an anvil

  • How to use a grindstone to repair a bow

  • How to fix a bow using a crafting table 

Minecraft: How Do You Fix a Bow?

Fixing a bow in Minecraft isn't that difficult or expensive for gamers. So let's explore the ways below!

How To Fix A Bow Using An Anvil

Step 1: Open your Anvil

We'll begin by removing our Anvil from the shelf. The screenshot below shows what your Anvil should look like once opened.


Step 2: Place the bows in the Anvil. 

Put the broken bow in the first box and another in the second.


In the right-hand box, you'll find your restored bow.

Step 3: Add the Bow to Your Inventory.


Drag the repaired bow to your inventory, and you're done! That's all there is to it! You were able to fix a Minecraft bow. The following are a few things to keep in mind when working with an Anvil:

  • You can also rename your bow using the Anvil.

  • The Anvil's durability will be reduced due to this different experience.

  • If you need to repair an item a second, third, or subsequent time, you will have to spend more iron each time. It results in a product deemed "Too pricey."

How To Fix A Bow Using A Crafting Table

Step 1: Open your Crafting Menu

The first step in using a crafting table in Minecraft to repair a bow is to open the table. You should be able to see a similar grid to the one seen in the image.


Step 2: The Menu should now include two bows.

Add the two bows to the grid at the crafting table.


As stated before, you'll see a mended bow in the right-hand box that you've inserted into the grid.

Step 3: Add the Bow to Your Inventory

As the last step, drop the mended bow into your inventory.


You have done it! However, this procedure will remove any enchantments from your bow.

How To Use A Grindstone To Repair A Bow

Step 1: Open Your Grindstone

We'll begin by removing our grinding stone from storage and using it. The screenshot below shows what your Grindstone should look like when you first open it.


Step 2: Place the Bows in the Grindstones.

The broken bow should be placed in the top box. And you should put a new bow on the bottom.


In the right-hand box, you'll find your restored bow.

Step 3: Aim for your inventory and select the bow.

Drag the repaired bow to your inventory, and you are done. You used a grindstone to fix a Minecraft bow.

Using a grindstone to repair an enchanted bow will remove its enchantments.


1. What would be the use of having a Grindstone?

In the case of non-enchanted bows, there is no difference between the two methods. You also don't want to use them to fix an enchanted bow.

When you disenchant an enchanted item, the Grindstone offers you experience. Whereas the Crafting Table does not.

Using a Grindstone, you can transform enchanted objects if you have many of them. 

2. How do you fix an excessively pricey bow in Minecraft?

Resetting the enchantments is the only way to get around the 'too expensive' warning.

By combining two of the same objects in a crafting grid, players will be able to remove all enchantments.

Resetting the item means that enchantments can once again be added to it. Unfortunately, Minecraft's mending function is unclear.

Using EXP (Experience) orbs, mending is a powerful enchantment in Minecraft. It allows players to strengthen and restore the durability of their items.

You can apply a Mending Enchantment to many goods, including weapons, tools, books, etc.

3. How many times can you fix a bow in Minecraft?

You can repair a bow with an anvil until the repair expenses exceed 39, after which it will stop working. 


You may see everything you need to know about repairing a bow in Minecraft. The article demonstrates that fixing a standard bow is a straightforward process completed on a crafting table at home. But if you need to repair an enchanted bow, we recommend using Anvil. So fixing the enchanted bows on the crafting table is not good. 

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