How to Split Screen on Windows 10

How to Split Screen on Windows 10

Sometimes when using computers, you have to switch between tabs continuously when you want to see many windows at once, which is quite inconvenient. Things will be a lot easier if you know how to split the screen to operate on 2 or more separate windows on Windows 10.

From Windows 7 there has been a split-screen feature, allowing you to divide the screen into two halves just by using the Windows key + left (or right) arrow. At that time, the work screen is divided into only 2 windows.

For Windows 10, not only can you open 2 windows, you can open 3 or more separate windows to increase work efficiency. The following article will guide you how to split the Windows 10 screen with just a few simple steps.

Enable Windows 10 split-screen mode

First, you must determine that the split-screen function, also known as Multitasking on Windows 10 is enabled.

Step 1: Click Start (Windows) → Setting

Step 2: Click System.

Step 3: Select Multitasking settings 

You will see 4 settings related to Snap, enable or disable the settings according to your needs.

Now you can make sure the split-screen is working on your computer. 

Operations to split the screen on Windows 10

1. Use the mouse

This can be said to be the simplest way to split the screen on Windows 10, you just need to drag the window you want to collapse to the left or right edge of the screen until it takes half of the screen.

Release the mouse, then do the same with the second window.


2. Use Taskbar

With this method, the computer will automatically split the screen depending on the number of applications currently on the screen. To use this feature, simply right-click on the Taskbar and select Show windows side by side. The computer will automatically split the screen for you.

To bring the screen back to the way it was, just right-click on the Taskbar again and select Undo Show all windows side by side.

3. Use keyboard shortcuts

In addition to using the mouse, you can also just use the keyboard shortcuts to split the Windows 10 screen. To split any window, you click on that window, then use the Windows key + Arrow key (right / left) to make the window fill the right (left) half of the screen.



4. More than 2 windows

Corner Snap is an attractive feature for high-resolution and large-screen computer monitors. You can drag and drop the window to the four corners of the screen.

The implementation is also very simple, instead of using the mouse to drag the window over the right or left edge, you drag the window to the corner of the screen. The computer will automatically align them to 4 windows in 4 corners.

If you have a monitor that supports high resolutions like 2K or 4K, this is great. You can work with more windows at once.

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