An Unrivaled Guide on How to Unmute Posts on Instagram

An Unrivaled Guide on How to Unmute Posts on Instagram

Suppose you have restricted someone's post but now change your mind. You will want to know how to unmute posts on Instagram! Fortunately, this task is simple to operate and has no complications. 

Overall, there are two types of posts - Main Account posts and Instagram stories. Our article will tell you how to unmute both. Please stay tuned!

  • Unmute A Post on The Main Account

  • Unmute A Post on The Instagram Story

How to Unmute Posts on Instagram

Now we are very close to the answer. Please be patient and check each step detailed below!

1. Unmute A Post on The Main Account

Step 1. Navigate to that person's Instagram profile. (given that you have muted him before).

Step 2. Hit "Following". This function lies on the screen's left-handed side.

Step 3. Go to the "Mute" section. 

Step 4. Switch off the "Mute" option that lies next to the Posts.

2. Unmute A Post on The Instagram Story

Step 1. Open your Instagram app. Log in if you have not logged in yet.

Step 2. Keep scrolling down the story feed on the screen's top. You will encounter a greyed-out button. That is the story you have muted!

Step 3. Press on that greyed-out button. Hold it for a few seconds.

Step 4. Hit "Unmute". Congratulations! You have successfully unmuted that story.


1. How Can I Differentiate Between "Mute" and "Unfollow"?


When you mute someone, Instagram will hide the posts away. But you still follow that person! It's just that the post will stop popping up on your newsfeed.

"Unfollow" more or less functions the same. The only difference is that you no longer follow that person anymore. If you change your mind one day, you will have to click "Follow" again.

Also, when you mute someone, the other person does not know that. On the other hand, they can check if you still follow them. And if you click "Follow" again, Instagram will send notifications to that person.

2. How Can I Unmute Instagram Messages?


Have you muted someone's Instagram messages? If yes, there will be a speakerphone button. It comes with a slash near the user's name. 

Hence, to unmute these Instagram messages, open the chat thread. Tap on the user's name on the top bar. The system will bring you to a "Details' display. Switch off the "Mute messages" (or "Mute call") option. This step depends on what you have muted before. 

For the PC version, open your chat again. Hit the (i) button to unmute that person. Finally, uncheck the gray box near "Mute messages". And that is all!

3. How Can I See Accounts I Have Muted?

What if you have muted someone but still want to visit their profiles? In that case, these steps might work wonders:

Step 1. Navigate to the profile screen. Tap on the three-bar button on the screen's top. 

Step 2. In the Menu, choose "Settings".

Step 3. Enter the Privacy section, then choose "Muted Accounts". All your muted accounts will pop up in chronological order. Under each account, the status will show you what you muted. (stories, posts, or both)

4. How Can I Unmute A Person on PC Instagram Version?


Unfortunately, the PC version only lets you unmute messages. (We have shown you how to do that in the previous question). Unmuting a post or a story is not yet available. Hence, it is better to install an Instagram app to do that.

Note: If you have multiple devices, do not worry! The Instagram account will get synced on all gadgets. You can log in with any device, and the account will stay the same.

5. When I Unmute An Instagram User, What Will Happen?

Whether you mute or unmute that person, they will never know about it. And once you unmute them, their stories (or posts) will pop up once again. And in the case of messages, their PM notifications will arrive on your profile. 

6. How Can I Unmute Instagram Comments?

Thanks to the Restrict feature, it is easy to control comments from restricted accounts. Suppose you restricted a person and wished to get their comments. Then navigate to Settings - Privacy - Restrict Accounts. Hit the "Un-restrict" option near that person's username.


This article has shown you how to unmute posts on Instagram. We also provide extra tips on unmuting other features. (such as messages). Hopefully, navigating this popular app will become much easier for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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