An Unrivaled Guide on How to Update An Old iPad to IOS 10

An Unrivaled Guide on How to Update An Old iPad to IOS 10

Do you have an old iPad and not want to switch to newer versions? Then it's important to learn how to update an old iPad to iOS 10 (given that it is updatable). The guidelines below are more than easy, ensuring you encounter no troubles.

Overall, there are two methods, and both work fine. Choose one that suits you better!

  • Method 1: Update Your iPad Wirelessly

  • Method 2: Update Your iPad via A Computer

How to Update An Old iPad to IOS 10

We will detail each method for you. Bring out your iPad and do as we say now!

Method 1: Update Your iPad Wirelessly

Step 1. Back up The Ipad

First, make sure the Wifi connects to the iPad. Next, navigate to Setting - Apple Id - iCloud. Turn on the iCloud backup and hit "Back Up Now". When your backup process finishes, the iPad will inform you.

Step 2. Check and Install iOS 10

Navigate to Setting - General - Software Update to assess the most recent software. The iPad will then look for software updates. The current iOS version will show up on your screen, followed by a message. It will say, "The software is up-to-date." And if it is not up-to-date, you will see "Download and Install" instead.

Method 2: Update Your iPad via A Computer

Step 1. Back up The iPad

Connect the computer to the iPad via a Lightning cable. (There might be a message requiring the iPad passcode. Do as it says). Open Finder or launch iTunes on your laptop, depending on what label you use. Find the iPad icon in iTunes and tap it. 

The "Back Up Now" setting will display. Click on it. Once your backup finishes, the computer will tell you.

Step 2. Check and Install iOS 10

Once again, open Finder or iTunes, depending on what computer you use. Next, connect the device with the computer and locate it on the computer screen. Hit "General" and then "Check for Update." Tap "Download and Update." Sometimes the system might require you to insert a passcode. If not, then that's the end of your update process!


1. How Can I Know Whether My IPad Can No Longer Get Updates?


It can no longer update if Apple does not list your iPad as a compatible device. Every time there's a new update, Apple will yield a list of compatible gadgets. Check it to see whether your iPad is still there. If you do not see it (and the iPad is old), then you should buy a new one for updates.

What if the iPad can no longer install new apps or upgrade old ones? Then there's no hope. In typical cases, app creators will let users run those apps on older iPads for two years. (even when that iPad cannot update anymore). 

But after that period, most applications will stop running on older iOS versions. So you cannot use those apps anymore unless you upgrade to the new iOS. Redownloading all those apps is impossible, too.

2. My iPad Cannot Update Anymore. Can I Keep Using It?


If old apps can still operate, you can keep using that iPad. Though updates are not possible, the device can still last for years. This iPad is useful for:

  • Downloading a music library to the Ipad. You may hook the device to Bluetooth speakers. And tada! You have a customized music player.

  • Functioning as a TV remote. Some TV brands let users download apps and turn iPads into remotes. So if downloading the apps is still possible, do it right away!

  • Functioning as a navigation tool. Of course, that is only possible if Maps (or other apps) are still usable.

3. My iPad Refuses to Update. How Can I Update It? 


If the iPad is too old, do not try anymore. It's a waste of time! Until now, Apple does not allow too-old models to extend their limitations for new updates.


This article has shown you how to update an old iPad to iOS 10. You can even update to iOS 13 using the same steps! Of course, before doing so, make sure your iPad is still updatable. If you have used it for so long, updates might not be possible. We suggest you buy a new one in that case.

Write to us if troubles still follow you. Please leave your questions in the comment sections or via email. We promise to respond as soon as possible!

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