How to upgrade to Windows 11: Free Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

How to upgrade to Windows 11: Free Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

Your PC might be running one or more of the three most common OS: Windows, Linux, and macOS. If you buy a prebuilt gaming PC, nine times out of ten, they have installed Windows already. Windows 11 has been released the insider version. We will guide you How to upgrade to Windows 11 to experience new features.

System requirements

Windows 11 is an upgraded version of Windows 10. Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be more power-efficient, faster than Windows 10, and still compatible with the apps you are using. 

People expect Windows 11 to help laptop batteries last longer than Windows 10. Besides, Windows 11 will be able to start up even quicker than Windows 10.

To experience the best performance of Windows 11, your PC should meet the following system requirements:

  • CPU: at least two cores, 1GHz

  • RAM: at least 4GB

  • Storage: 64GB

Like Windows 10, we highly recommend using an SSD instead of an HDD to install the OS and favorite games and applications.

How to upgrade to Windows 11

Get an ISO Image Installation file from MS

When Microsoft hasn’t officially launched Windows 11, you can only get it from the Windows Insider program. If you get the copy from someone else, remember to verify to compare the checksum of the ISO file to make sure the installation file you are using is clean.

Mount the ISO file to the virtual disk

After getting the ISO installation file, back up all the data, especially the data on the system disk. If everything works out, the progress only wipes out the data on the system partition. However, you should back up the whole disk to another physical disk, just in case.

If you perform the task on a laptop, charge it and plug in the adapter to get the maximum performance and keep your computer running when the electricity goes out.

As other ISO files, right-click to the file, choose Mount, then go to the virtual disk and open the file in a new window:

How to upgrade to Windows 11 step 1

Start Windows 11 installation

Double click the Setup.exe file to start running the Windows 11 installation. If you have a fast internet connection, in the option Change how Setup download updates, you can choose Download updates right now. Otherwise, uncheck the option to download updates later.

The application will check the current operating system to prepare the updates. At this step, you can see the version of Windows 11 you are using and choose what data to keep:

How to upgrade to Windows 11 step 2

How to upgrade to Windows 11 - 3

Choose what to keep

If you have upgraded your Windows 7 to Windows 10, you are familiar with this step. There are three options:

  • Keep personal files and apps: the upgrade progress will keep all the files and compatible applications. If some apps are not compatible with the new OS, the installer will recommend you uninstall them.

  • Keep personal files only: Your settings and apps will be deleted, but your files will be kept.

  • Nothing: everything will be deleted, including files, apps, and settings.

Choose one of 3 options and click Next to continue the installation.

How to upgrade to Windows 11 - 4

Installing Windows 11

The installing application will copy the files, configure the settings for the new OS. Depending on the PC’s specifications, the internet speed (if you choose to download new updates), and the number of apps installed, it can take a few minutes to one hour.

Your PC will restart several times. Don’t turn off your computer until it finishes the installing progress.

How to upgrade to Windows 11 - 42

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