How we rank the products

What is PR score?

At Products Reviews, our experts use a special algorithm to be able to evaluate the products most accurately based on customer reviews, price history, and recent fluctuations on the market.

Based on this algorithm, the PR score will crawl some necessary information regarding how many reviews this product has, what buyers say about it, and whether it deserves your next purchase. If you want to get the most insightful overview of the product, you can check the most detailed reviews of the products, helping you make your purchase a lot easier.

Customer Reviews

This score represents real and verifiable customer reviews of the brand across multiple criteria, from ease of use, value for money, user satisfaction, etc. We convert these user insights into measurable metrics so that you can easily determine the quality of products.

In case the brand is new and has not received any customer reviews yet, we will designate that brand as No Review Yet and adjust it as soon as the brand begins to receive customer reviews, to reflect the actual level of customer satisfaction.

Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness partly tells you about the degree of consumer recognition of the product you are interested in. As you know, a product can be made by many different brands, so if you know its level of awareness, you will know which products are popular and which are trusted by many customers.

At Product Reviews, we always try to give you the best buying recommendations. Our experts select products and always put their quality first, so we can recommend to you the most famous and recognizable brands on the market specializing in manufacturing that product. 

Pros & Cons 

Our tool evaluates products based on features that are significant to users, such as customer service levels; ease of use; whether the company or product won awards and got certifications, and so on. 

When reviewing a product, our experts will try to figure out and analyze both its pros and cons to help customers choose out the right products fitting their demand the most. Of course, the reviewing process will be carried out independently; our experts have no relation to the producers. Therefore, our reviews and analysis are objective and worth your trust. Through this way, we provide you with top lists and reviews that save your time, money, and worry-free.

Besides, our tool considers risks and cons that buyers may face when using the products by collecting keywords and comments regarding negative feedback. It works frequently to double-check and update the scores accordingly.