In iOS 16, A New Compass App Has A Feature That Can Help Improve Maps

In iOS 16, A New Compass App Has A Feature That Can Help Improve Maps

There's always the possibility that an app may not only do what its creator intended. But, it also offers you a sense of how it might influence other parts of your iPhone.

That happened with Rihab Mehboob's Compass GPS, which was released at the end of April. In January, Mehboob talked about a texting software he had developed that also functions as a note-taking tool.

Mehboob explained that he wanted to create something different from other compass applications this time. It is something that has a fantastic user experience. Still, it could also quickly steer a user in the right direction while walking.

The app inspires us to think about how Apple could improve its Maps app for iOS 16, which could be introduced at WWDC 2022 in

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This App Should Be Used To Inspire Maps In iOS 16

You might choose a goal and then use the app's compass feature to track your progress. You have been able to specify your destination on your iPhone and have your watch touch you on the wrist whenever you need to turn left or right since the Apple Watch's debut in 2015.

Hit the ''location'' button on the upper right twice to find your location in Maps. Then, the app will adjust and rotate to give you an idea of where you're facing. On the other hand, finding the appropriate direction can be tricky, and touching a button twice feels counterintuitive.

Mehboob's app instantly fixes this problem. Raise your iPhone to activate a mode that includes a compass overlaying the screen. The map will appear when you lower the iPhone. It's a primary function that worked flawlessly in practice.

Whether there are flaws to resolve in a future version of Compass GPS, there's potential for a full-fledged Maps app if Apple's Maps app in iOS 16 isn't improved.

While the app is free to download. It costs $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$10.99 to continue utilizing its capabilities, suggesting that more helpful features may be added in the coming months.


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Regardless, Mehboob's software demonstrates the AR possibilities of Apple's Maps app, mainly if the expected AR Glasses materialize.

Don’t Use iOS? Don’t Worry

You may use a compass app to track your trip, speeds, distance, and altitude on your Android device. At its most basic level, a compass app should use your phone’s sensors to assist you in navigating unfamiliar terrains and returning to your original location.

Digital Compass is a straightforward program that includes both a compass and maps. Longitude, altitude, and direct addresses are all supported. Proper and magnets north headings, a magnetic strength meter, a slope level meter, and sensor status are also included in the app. This developer expressly requests that you avoid using magnetic coverings and that the gadget contains magnetic sensors. Otherwise, it will be ineffective. Although some Google Play reviews mention calibration issues, we didn’t encounter any during our testing.

Fulmine Software is a Google Play developer with an excellent, simple compass app. It has all standard functions and can operate without a GPS or a data connection. You also get a constant message that includes your heading and a magnetic and proper heading. Of course, GPS makes it operate a little better, but any compass should. The free and paid versions contain almost no permissions and valuable features such as latitude and longitude coordinates.

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