Instagram's Web Interface Has Been Redesigned for Larger Screens.

Instagram's Web Interface Has Been Redesigned for Larger Screens.

Instagram continues to make changes to its desktop web app after allowing posting last year. According to TechCrunch, the latest update introduces a refreshed user interface that takes better advantage of large screens rather than looking like a larger version of the mobile app.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the update yesterday, along with the new in-app scheduler.

"We know a lot of people use the web to multitask and we wanted to make sure Instagram was an as great experience as possible online," he said in a video. "So it is cleaner, faster and easier to use and it’s designed now to take advantage of large-screen monitors."

The home, search, explore, messages, and notification menus have been relocated to a new side rail that collapses to icons depending on screen size, as shown above. Stories are displayed at the top, while your profile, suggestions, and other information are displayed to the right. The left menu bar remains when any menu option is selected, making navigation faster and easier.

Instagram's new web interface makes it easier to use, but there's still no sign of a dedicated iPad app, as 9to5Mac points out. Mosseri stated earlier this year that the iPad was "not big enough" to warrant a dedicated Instagram app. To get a better experience, you could now use the web version instead.

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Jessica Vieira
Jessica Vieira
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