IONOS Takes on WeTransfer and Dropbox: A New File Transfer Service Has Been Released

IONOS Takes on WeTransfer and Dropbox: A New File Transfer Service Has Been Released

IONOS, a cloud and web hosting service supplier, has developed a free file transfer service for exchanging huge files.

HiDrive Share by IONOS, like its competitors Dropbox and WeTransfer, allows users to transfer files up to 2GB for free.

“File sharing services in the cloud offer the fastest and most practical way to share large files such as images, videos, and documents with colleagues, friends, and family,” said IONOS in a press release. 

The file transfer program generates a link that may be shared through email or chat and is good for seven days before being automatically erased. There is no need for authentication or registration to use the service, and it is not limited to IONOS customers.

The IONOS HiDrive Share is compatible with any major operating system and any common web browser on both mobile and desktop platforms.

To stay GDPR compliant and defend against unwanted third-party access, submitted files are transported only in encrypted form and kept in IONOS’ European data centers.

IONOS also provides up to 2TB of online storage for customers who choose to upgrade, either because they need to transfer files bigger than 2 GB or keep data available for more than seven days.

HiDrive cloud storage, which costs $10 per month (£20 per month) for the first twelve months under IONOS’ Pro plan, may also exchange huge files and long-term data storage.

There is no need to download an app or desktop applications for the free HiDrive Share software, while an app is available for the HiDrive cloud storage package.

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