iPhone 14 Is Easier to Repair than You'd Expect

iPhone 14 Is Easier to Repair than You'd Expect

Apple admitted that the iPhone 14 was supposed to be easier to repair, but the company may have undersold the change. iFixit has completed a breakdown of this year's basic iPhone, and it's evident that the gadget was designed from the ground up with DIY solutions in mind.

The rear glass is easier and less expensive to repair, as promised, but a metal midframe was utilized to keep the front just as accessible. According to iFixit, the design is more repairable than many Android phones, which can only be opened from the rear.

The midframe of the iPhone 14 retains the structural robustness seen in the 13 series. Apple had already relocated the earpiece and front camera array on the previous generation's mainframe to a more repairable place.

The iPhone 14 will not make Fairphone owners regret their decision. Because Apple still wants users and technicians to activate parts after they've been installed, you can't simply use an unauthorized back instead of possibly more expensive Self Service Repair components. Nonetheless, iFixit argues that this is the most repairable Apple device since the iPhone 7 in 2016.

The revamp isn't entirely unexpected. Both the federal government and state governments are putting pressure on Apple to enhance repairability. If it did not include at-home repairs in its designs, it feared regulatory challenges that may force adjustments and levy penalties. Whatever the reason, if you've been waiting for an iPhone that's actually repairable, you won't mind.

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Jessica Vieira
Jessica Vieira
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