iPhone 15 Pro Could Get the Fastest Connection Possible

iPhone 15 Pro Could Get the Fastest Connection Possible

According to a fresh source, the Apple iPhone 15 family, from the base model to the anticipated iPhone 15 Ultra, would all use USB-C instead of Apple's lightning connection, with one key distinction between the high- and low-end variants.

The addition of USB-C connections to the iPhone has long been reported and anticipated, and it may be compelled by European Union legislation that go into effect in the near future, by 2024.

However, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra would benefit from a full Thunderbolt 4 connector, which offers a substantially larger bandwidth for speedier data transfer and intensive graphics output.

The information was obtained through a subscription-based newsletter provided by Twitter leaker LeaksApplePro, a source with a pretty good track record of providing information about upcoming phones.

The leaker is correct in claiming that recording high-resolution video, even when utilizing Apple's efficient ProRES format, produces files that are too huge to send over an old connection like Lightning. It would take around 40 minutes to transfer a 15-minute 4K-resolution movie recording from your iPhone to your PC.

Given its introduction, Apple has not considerably improved Lightning, and now that the phones demand more bandwidth for the enormous video files they generate, it seems logical for Apple to utilize something better - especially since the same technology is used on the iPad Pro and Air models.

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Jessica Vieira
Jessica Vieira
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