iPhone SE 4: What Should You Expect

iPhone SE 4: What Should You Expect

The iPhone SE is Apple's entry-level iPhone, with flagship performance at half the price of the company's higher-end models. The issue is that the iPhone SE's third-generation shares the same fundamental architecture and display as the iPhone 8.

It seems archaic compared to the mid-range Android competition, but rumors claim that may change with the debut of the next-generation iPhone SE in 2023 or 2024. 

From release and pricing rumors to the newest leaks and rumors, here's everything you need to know about the forthcoming iPhone SE right now.

When Is The Release of iPhone SE 4?

Apple does not upgrade the iPhone SE every year, with nearly four years between the first and second-generation SEs, and under two years between the iPhone SE 2 released in 2020 and the iPhone SE 3 released in March 2022. 

A trend is beginning to develop, with all releases occurring in the spring, around 6 months following the debut of the most recent iPhone series. 

We can also see Apple settling into a general 2-year release cycle for the iPhone SE, implying that the iPhone SE 4 will arrive in early 2024– a prediction backed up by web rumors.


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Ross Young, a display analyst with an impressive track record for iPhone and iPad display-related leaks and predictions, is the primary source of release date information. 

In October 2021, the analyst predicted that a larger iPhone SE would be released in 2024. In January 2022, Young updated his prediction, predicting a release date of 2023 or 2024 and other critical details on what to expect — but more on that later. 

If that's too far, see where you can buy the iPhone SE 3.

What is the Price of iPhone SE 4?

The iPhone SE will be Apple's budget-friendly, economical iPhone. While there may be a tiny price difference compared to the present iPhone SE (as with the iPhone SE 2), we don't expect it to be significant. 

Despite the rumored enhancements to the display and appearance, we expect the iPhone SE 4 to cost approximately the same as the iPhone SE 3. For comparison, here is the price of the current iPhone SE model: 

  • £419/$429 for 64GB

  • £469/$479 for 128GB

  • £569/$579 for 256GB

What to Expect from iPhone SE 4?

Even though the next iPhone SE could be two years away, online rumors give us a hint of what to expect - and if accurate, it'll be the most exciting iPhone SE update in years. 

1. An Innovation in the Design

The biggest online rumors imply that the next iPhone SE will finally get a full-screen display, with Apple choosing between 5.7in and 6.1in — at least, that's what display analyst Ross Young said in an October 2021 tweet. 

In early 2022, the analyst followed up on his prognosis, claiming that the 5.7in display option had been secured.

Given Apple's proclivity for repurposing old iPhone shells – the iPhone SE 3 is based on the 4.7in iPhone 8 design, for example – the next iPhone SE could feature the same chassis as the 5.7in iPhone X, complete with a full-body display and all the other benefits that Apple's full-screen display has to offer. 

The improvement would be a considerable step forward for Apple's low-cost iPhone line, especially given that most complaints about the 2022 iPhone SE revolve around its outmoded look. We'll keep a lookout for further rumors that support or refute this theory, and we'll update this section as we learn more.

2. Face ID

If the iPhone X chassis is used for the upcoming iPhone SE, it will be the first affordable phone to remove the Touch ID-enabled Home button in favor of a full-screen display with Face ID.


Picture: iculture.nl

The big question is which notch the iPhone SE will have. While logic implies that it will have the huge notch associated with the iPhone X, the smaller Face ID notch offered on the iPhone 13 series should be considered.

There's also talk of a hole-punch cutout on the forthcoming iPhone 14 Pro series, which would replace the notch with something cleaner. While this appears to be the least likely scenario, analyst Ross Young has stated that the 6.1in iPhone SE will feature a "punch hole rather than a notch."

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