It Will Be Easier to Transfer Your iPhone Data to an Android Phone

It Will Be Easier to Transfer Your iPhone Data to an Android Phone

Google and Samsung made moving iPhone data to your new Android phone simple and easy. You can even transfer your iMessage history.

If you have an iPhone but have bought one of the greatest Android phones, moving your data is a nightmare. You must dig out special wires and juggle cloud backups. And conduct a rite to long-forgotten gods - but that appears to be changing very soon.

According to reports, Google is working on a new 'Switch to Android' software. That will make transferring all your essential files from an iPhone to an Android much easier. It is to transfer Android data to an iPhone. This is according to 9to5Google, which had some hands-on time with the app.

The website found an app you can download onto an iPhone. It presumably will have an Android counterpart when it's launched. Because when you open it, you're prompted to scan a QR code on said Android app.

This allows you to transfer any data, like contacts, photographs, movies, and applications. It saves you from having to reinstall everything.

Several Android smartphone makers already have systems like this in place. Samsung makes it simple to move everything from an older Galaxy smartphone to a newer one, including your wallpaper and settings. But, this new program would make it easy to go from iOS to Android, which are two quite different sorts of phones.

It's unclear when this app will be available. But the fact that 9to5Google was able to download and use it suggests that it's almost ready to go. We'll hear more about it in the coming months.


It's Simply a Balancing Act

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They were given how difficult it was before to move data from an iPhone to an Android phone. This new software will be a handy tool for anyone moving away from Apple's ecosystem. But, that is hardly a significant success for Google's operating system.

No, it's a balancing effort to get Android up to speed with iOS. Apple has long maintained its 'Move to iOS' software for moving data to a new iPhone. And its approach was far more user-friendly than Google's.

Now, both iOS and Android are simple to move to or from. It implies that neither operating system has an advantage over the other in this respect.


Why It's Hard to Transfer Data Before?

iMessage is one of many ways Apple keeps users in its ecosystem. Take iCloud, for example. Apple's built-in cloud storage space keeps all your notes, calendar events, Safari bookmarks, and photos. You can access all this information on your Apple devices, but not on your new Android. There's no iCloud app for Android. There's no easy way for you to transfer all your iCloud data to your Android. Of course, if you've been using Google as your main ecosystem. Then you may have an easier time going back and forth between your iPhone and your Android.

But then what about your photos stored on your iPhone that aren't backed up on iCloud? How do you transfer those? The easiest way is to ask if your phone carrier can do it for you. Several apps can help transfer your photos from your iPhone to Android.

And speaking of apps, you may have trouble transferring those too. For the most part, you'll have to redownload them, and you might need to repurchase iOS apps on the Play Store. But if you used a Facebook login or email registration, you might be able to get around that. The Play Store does have more apps than the App Store. But some iOS apps you've used might not be available on the Play Store, like Bear or Rent the Runway.

Google is making this transferring-data process easier with the Quick Switch Adapter for the Pixel. Made easier even when transferring photos and apps, it's hard to say goodbye to AirDrop. You'll no longer be able to send files from your iPhone to your MacBook, to your iPad. At least you'll stop getting weird AirDrops when you're on the train.

Switching to Android also means losing all of Apple's pre-installed apps. There may be a good chunk you don't use but think about FaceTime. You'll have to use another app to video call people, like Facebook Messenger or Google Duo.

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