Mac Studio Exposes Possibly Upgradeable SSD Storage

Mac Studio Exposes Possibly Upgradeable SSD Storage

The first Mac Studios have been released into the wild, and as is customary, the first teardowns are beginning to appear on the internet. So far, Max Tech on YouTube has disassembled the Mac Studio to disclose the internal design, the M1 Ultra, and a possible hint at upgradability.

First and foremost, this deconstruction demonstrates how to access the Mac Studio. The Mac Studio looks to have no screws from the exterior, but if you carefully remove the rubber ring from the machine's base, you'll find four screws to remove the base entirely.

There Are Two SSD Ports On The Device

Max Tech, a YouTuber, immediately recognizes that the Mac Studio may include upgradeable SSD storage after removing the base and inspecting the internals. Like the Mac Pro, the Mac Studio has two SSD connectors on the inside that are easily accessible. 

The most intriguing aspect of the deconstruction is a new port that may be used to connect an SSD to the Mac Studio. On the other hand, Apple claims that its latest Mac is not user upgradeable and has a maximum storage capacity of 8TB.

The Mac Studio may be configured with up to 8TB of internal storage; the base model with 512GB SSD storage costs $1,999, and adding 8TB costs $2,400. Although the Studio's internal storage may be upgradeable in the future, because the RAM is incorporated into Apple's M1 processor, there is no way to upgrade it after purchasing the machine.

Max Tech attempted to use a Mac Pro SSD on the Mac Studio, but it was too large to fit in the slot. It's likely that Apple will offer SSD upgrades for previously purchased Mac Studio machines in the future or that SSD upgrade kits will be accessible. 


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The Mac Studio is denser and has more components than the M1 Mac mini. The dissection reveals that all of the ports within the Mac are modular, so if they ever fail, you can quickly replace them without having to replace the logic board.

The video demonstrates the Mac Studio's colossal cooling system, especially compared to the logic board itself. You can also see the massive M1 Ultra chip, which is twice the size of an AMD Ryzen CPU. It also features the Apple logo embossed on the front. 

The complete Max Tech video is certainly worth watching. It's unclear whether Apple purposely engineered the Mac Studio to allow for future SSD storage expansions, but it's an intriguing prospect to ponder.

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