Microsoft Confirmed that The Recently Released Series X Update Allows Xbox One Discs to Be Played Offline.

Microsoft Confirmed that The Recently Released Series X Update Allows Xbox One Discs to Be Played Offline.

One of the most serious difficulties with Xbox Series X consoles has been the online DRM, which has caused outages and other problems, denying gamers access to paid games.

Another major concern is that cross-platform Xbox One disc games, even those that do not require a network, have been unavailable offline. According to engineering lead Eden Marie, a new upgrade means you won't be compelled to complete an online check or download from an Xbox One disc anymore.

Users just recently became aware of the change, but it has been in place since the 2206 update earlier this summer, according to Marie.

What was the issue before? The problem centered on Microsoft's Smart Delivery technology. Previously, when you placed certain types of Xbox One/Xbox Series X game discs into a new-gen system, it would not install the game directly from the disc, but rather an updated version through the internet. Despite the fact that Series X consoles are fully capable of natively playing most Xbox One titles (the main exception being Kinect games).

This means that you may now play several games labelled "Xbox One," "Xbox One/Xbox Series X," "Xbox Series X/Xbox One," and "Xbox Series X" offline. According to Eden, you can't play original Xbox or Xbox 360 games without updates since the data "can't be accessed directly." (Of course, none of this applies to the Xbox Series S, which lacks a disc drive.)

There are also a few additional exceptions. For example, certain "stub" disc games, such as Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite, do not include the entire version of the game, necessitating the need of a connection. You'll also need the internet to download the most recent versions of games, as well as expansion packs, and so on. And because Series X consoles require an account, you'll need to be online at least once to create one. Still, the upgrade is a big step forward, as it means you'll be able to play a lot more games in the unlikely case that Microsoft's servers fail.

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