Microsoft Set to Double down on Android with Dedicated Business Unit

Microsoft Set to Double down on Android with Dedicated Business Unit

Microsoft is planning to merge its Android activities into a single division, which may lead to even closer integration between Google's mobile operating system and its own Windows platform.

According to Windows Central, Surface Duo OS, SwiftKey, Phone Link, and numerous other Android teams will be consolidated under a new company dubbed 'Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences,' which will be supervised by Chief Product Officer Panos Panay.

This week, the adjustments were disclosed in a statement distributed to staff, and no layoffs are planned.

Android and Windows

Microsoft planned to be a dominant mobile platform holder in its own right with Windows Phone as recently as 2013.

However, under Satya Nadella's leadership, the business has sought to get its services on as many devices as possible, increasing subscription income.

Previously, Microsoft's Android initiatives were housed under the Microsoft Mobile Experiences (MMX) group, encompassing iOS and iPadOS.

By establishing a dedicated Android business, Microsoft appears to be doubling down on the platform and intending to build more interoperable experiences similar to those between Apple's mobile products and its Mac desktops.

Microsoft recently renamed the 'Your Phone' app 'Phone Link,' and Windows 11 now supports natively running select Android apps. Meanwhile, it has expanded Phone Link compatibility to include Honor devices, adding to current collaborations with Surface Duo and Samsung.

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