New iOS 16.1 Features Coming to Your iPhone Today that You Shouldn't Miss

New iOS 16.1 Features Coming to Your iPhone Today that You Shouldn't Miss

The digital dust from the release of iOS 16 has hardly settled, but another big iPhone software upgrade is now on the way: iOS 16.1 will be available on smartphones starting today (Monday, October 24), with a slew of new features joining the normal bug fixes and security updates.

iOS 16 included additional lock screen customizations, the option to unsend messages within a specified time frame, a new privacy tool called Safety Check, and much more. Even with all of those updates, Apple has been able to discover new ways to innovate with its software.

All iPhones that can run iOS 16 can also run iOS 16.1, meaning we're talking about devices dating back to the iPhone 8 (released in 2017) and all the way up to the current iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models. If you don't get the update right away, don't worry: the download and install prompt should appear within a few days.

iOS 16.1 New Features

1. Apple Fitness Plus without an Apple Watch

Previously, Apple's fitness subscription program required an Apple Watch to perform the essential monitoring, but iOS 16.1 now allows you to join up without a watch (your iPhone can do some of the tracking instead).

2. iCloud Shared Photo Library

Apple's iCloud Shared Photo Library makes it easy to share photographs and videos with family and friends. A library can have up to six participants, and each person can read, edit, and remove files in the library.

3. More Live Activities

Live Activities are dynamic widgets that display on the lock screen, and third-party applications may now use them - imagine updates on your Uber, or live score updates from sports tournaments you're interested in.

4. Clean Energy Charging

With iOS 16.1, a new smart charging function is launched that will attempt to charge your phone when the power system is using clean energy. For the time being, this functionality will only be available to users in the United States.

5. Share keys through Apple Wallet

If you use the Wallet app on your iPhone to unlock your car, hotel room, or whatever else, the iOS 16.1 update will allow you to share those keys with other applications (like as WhatsApp) as needed.

6. Matter accessory support

Matter is a revolutionary smart home standard sponsored by every major technology vendor (including Apple). The idea is that, at long last, all of your smart home gadgets, regardless of manufacturer, should interact correctly with one another.

7. Reachability Support for Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island is one of the major additions to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and with iOS 16.1, it will also operate with the software's one-handed Reachability mode.

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