New PS5 Update is Locking Users out of TV Settings

New PS5 Update is Locking Users out of TV Settings

The most recent PS5 update adds auto low latency mode support (ALLM), which guarantees that it tuns your display to the best image mode for compatible TVs. You may have noticed that some TV settings are no longer available.

Several TV settings can't be accessible or grayed out after installing the newest PS5 system update, as HDTVTest's Vincent Teoh demonstrated. You can't activate features like black frame insertion (BFI) or motion smoothing.

Because of the PS5's new ALLM support, which requires your TV to use the best picture option for gaming and eliminates any video processing settings that might cause input lag, this is the case.



Unfortunately, unlike the Xbox Series X|S, Sony didn't provide a toggle to enable or disable ALLM. So you're stuck with these new settings unless you can disable them via your TV.

The solution is relatively straightforward for the LG OLED C9 and LG OLED CX. Turn off 'Instant Game Response' for the HDMI port to which they attach the PS5 in your image options. Then click on the different settings sub-menu. Even in Game Mode, you won't be able to change all the options. They will deactivate VRR support. Yet as the PS5 doesn't support variable refresh rates yet, this isn't a concern for the time being.

If you have an LG OLED C1 or C2, things are a little more complicated, and there's a huge caveat to remember. Long-press the cogwheel button on your remote to bring up the user menu. Then you choose the 'General' option. Turn off 'HDMI Deep Color' under 'Devices' > 'HDMI Settings,' which will disable ALLM. If you disable HDMI Deep Color, you'll lose HDR functionality and be limited to the most significant frame rate of 60 frames per second. which is not ideal.

Bring up the settings menu on your Sony TV, click on 'Channels & inputs,' scroll down, and click on 'External inputs.' Change the configuration to 'Enhanced format (Dolby Vision)' by clicking on 'HDMI signal format' and selecting the relevant HDMI port. It will limit your games to the most significant frame rate of 60 frames per second.

ALLM or Nothing

Even though these workarounds will allow you to disable ALLM, they are far from ideal. The proper solution will have to come from Sony, presumably providing an on/off toggle in a future update, like the Xbox Series X|S.


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Most users are unlikely to have any difficulties with ALLM as it means to assist individuals who aren't comfortable tinkering with their TV settings to get the most satisfactory gaming experience possible. ALLM, in its present PS5 version, is very limiting for sophisticated users. And the fact that you can't turn it off without resorting to harsh methods is unfortunate.

Yet, ALLM is still a desired feature that gets the PS5 closer to the display technology seen on the Xbox Series X|S. Sony's platform will get VRR compatibility in the coming months. But we're still hoping for 1440p support, which is currently unavailable on the PS5.


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