NVIDIA GeForce NOW Will Make You Rethink What Cloud Gaming Really Is

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Will Make You Rethink What Cloud Gaming Really Is

You’ve almost certainly heard a lot about cloud gaming. The game library is small. You must repurchase games that you already possess. It’s not as good as PC gaming. Most games are rendered unplayable due to their slowness. Depending on the cloud gaming platform, some of these statements may be valid. On the other hand, NVIDIA is putting the record straight with GeForce NOW. The technology has advanced significantly, and the performance and features available may now compete with PC gaming in ways you may not have realized.

The Graphics Aren’t That Good?

You may have seen terrible graphics if you’ve tried to stream anything over a slow internet connection. However, with a robust internet connection, you’ll be able to see exactly how much power is beneath the hood with GeForce NOW to deliver amazing images. NVIDIA provides an RTX 3080 subscription for GeForce NOW, which gives an experience that most players do not enjoy from their gaming PCs or consoles. There’s enough power to provide 1440p at 120fps or 4K HDR. Nvidia’s RTX real-time ray tracing is now available to offer life-like reflections and lighting, a rendering approach that requires significant processing power and will strain many machines.

And all of that power is operating in the cloud behind the scenes to experience it on your phone, MacBook, streaming device, or even a basic Chromebook. Anything can connect to the internet and attach a controller or keyboard and mouse. Running that intensive processing on the cloud also means that your power bill and heat in your room won’t skyrocket as they would with a local PC.

The Lag Makes Games Unplayable?

Your online games will be unplayable if your connection lags, whether you’re utilizing the cloud or a local system. However, with fast internet, GeForce NOW is more than capable of providing a snappy gaming experience. NVIDIA’s servers provide solid performance that can give constant frame rendering times, hence reducing latency. You’ll benefit from quicker frame rendering and more efficient encoding with the RTX 3080 Membership. Your inputs will most likely feel as responsive as gaming on a console over a slow internet connection. NVIDIA also provides a wealth of information about optimizing latency. You’ll have an easier time discovering servers closer to you now that NVIDIA has extended its service (and therefore reduced ping).


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There Aren’t Enough Games?

Though you choose the wrong gaming provider, you may feel like there aren’t enough games to play. You might reconsider if you check the extensive list of titles supported by GeForce NOW. GeForce NOW boasts a library of over 1,000 games, including AAA titles from famous companies like EA, Ubisoft, Epic, and others, and highly praised independent successes. Its portfolio includes aesthetically gorgeous titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Far Cry 6 with RTX On and DLSS for excellent visuals and performance. The service includes almost 100 free-to-play titles, including industry heavyweights like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Destiny 2.

You’ve Got to Pay for Games You Already Bought?

Depending on the cloud gaming provider, you may have to purchase a game again, even if it is already in your PC gaming library. NVIDIA GeForce NOW, thankfully, is not one of those services. This subscription is for the cloud-based PC gaming gear, not the games. In reality, you can use GeForce NOW to access your libraries and play compatible titles by logging into Steam, Uplay, Epic Games Store, and GOG.com. You do not have to repurchase them, but you also do not have to wait for them to download or update. This is especially useful if you enjoy gaming on a variety of devices. You won’t have to download the game a half dozen times, and you won’t have to worry about finding storage space for your games. The amount of storage you’d need to have a thousand games available on all of your devices at all times makes GeForce NOW’s $10-$20 monthly pricing appear even better than it currently does.

You Can’t Play with Your Friends?

You must be on a console to play with your console friends, and you must be on a PC to play with your PC friends, correct? That’s all there is to it: when you use GeForce NOW, you’re utilizing a gaming PC. Even if the gaming PC is on the cloud, it is still a gaming PC. You may connect with your buddies just like you would on your local PC. You’ll also get access to cross-play capability in games that allow it.

If you’re still suspicious of cloud gaming, let NVIDIA GeForce NOW show you that it’s the genuine deal. Sign up for a membership here to enjoy all of the service’s features, including 4K HDR or 1440p/120fps game downloads and PC gaming across various devices. You may even test out the service for free to get a feel for it. And if you think it’s nice now, you should know it’s just going to become better. To keep up with all of the latest games and improvements on the service, check out the GFN Thursdays blog or follow GeForce NOW on Facebook and Twitter.

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