Only Subscription Service Can Provide Pro Tools now

Only Subscription Service Can Provide Pro Tools now

Avid follows Adobe's footsteps by transitioning Pro Tools totally to a subscription basis. A perpetual license, which provided clients with lifelong access to a certain version of Pro Tools, is no longer available.

Instead, as part of a redesigned subscription system, users who want access to the widely used DAW will have to select between three subscriptions. All levels feature two new virtual instruments: GrooveCell, a drum machine and sequencer, and SynthCell, a synthetic synth. Each package includes a free trial period.

Pro Tools Artist is the most basic tier, costing $10 per month or $99 per year. This is designed for musicians who are just beginning out and don't require every bell and whistle available. You'll be able to employ more than 100 plugins, hundreds of virtual instruments and loops, and the DAW. This level includes 32 audio tracks, 32 instrument tracks, and 64 MIDI tracks. You can record up to 16 audio sources at the same time.

Pro Tools Studio is the intermediate tier. You may make mixes with 512 audio and instrument tracks for $40 per month or $299 per year. Dolby Atmos and surround sound are supported, and extensive automation and Clip Effects editing. Avid will migrate existing Pro Tools subscribers and perpetual license customers with active plans to this plan.

Pro Tools Flex is the highest tier. This includes Pro Tools Ultimate, 2,048 audio tracks, up to 256 simultaneous recording inputs, the SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition workflow automation platform, etc. This package costs $100 per month or $999 per year. Pro Tools Ultimate subscribers that are still active will be transferred to Pro Tools Flex. Customers with current Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licensing agreements will receive Pro Tools Ultimate updates.

Those with a perpetual Pro Tools license and an expired maintenance contract can still get back on track with current software upgrades and support. They can also purchase a subscription to one of the new levels.

Source: Engadnet

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