PayPal Launches All-in-one Terminal POS

PayPal Launches All-in-one Terminal POS

Following its acquisition of now Zettle in 2018, PayPal has introduced a completely new POS device aimed towards small and medium-sized enterprises.

To enable company owners to function on the go, the newly introduced Zettle Terminal connects to the internet through Wi-Fi or a free pre-loaded SIM card on 3G and 4G networks. This "fully mobile" method should appeal to multi-location businesses since it eliminates the need for additional setup or manual connection at each new site.

Along with Visa and MasterCard, the Zettle Terminal accepts American Express payments, as well as contactless payments such as digital wallets, PayPal, and Venmo QR codes.

The business is excited to announce a new service that will allow merchants to receive monies from completed purchases in their PayPal accounts within minutes.

The PayPal Zettle Terminal is now available for $199, with an optional barcode scanner for an extra $40. The regular Zettle card reader is still available for $79 (or $29 for new business sales).

An extra charging dock that also functions as an on-the-spot receipt printer is available for an additional $70 at the moment of purchase (or $99 if purchased separately).

Card-present payments are levied at a set rate of $0.09 per transaction plus a 2.29% transaction fee on both devices. All costs, including manual card entry and QR code payments, are detailed on the PayPal website, where the gadget and its accessories may also be purchased.

The new device will initially be accessible exclusively in the United States, but it appears that it will be available in other countries in the near future.

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