Peloton Fitness Gear Will Soon Be Available at Dick's Sporting Goods

Peloton Fitness Gear Will Soon Be Available at Dick's Sporting Goods

To say the least, Peloton has had a tumultuous year. The company's plan to right the ship includes selling linked fitness gear through third-party shops. Peloton began selling equipment through Amazon in August, and it now has an exclusive relationship with a physical shop. So, after viewing a Bike, Tread, or Guide in person, you may soon be able to go into a Dick's Sporting Goods shop and purchase it. However, it appears that Dick's will not stock Peloton's new rowing machine for the time being.

The training equipment and certain accessories will be available in the coming weeks at more than 100 Dick's retail locations in the United States (there are more than 700 in total, according to CNBC) and through the company's online sales channels. The actual stores will include Peloton-branded fitness shops where the equipment will be exhibited, and Dick's personnel will be trained to assist customers with the equipment.

According to Peloton, Dick's will be the only shop offering this assortment of gear outside of its own online and physical locations. Peloton, on the other hand, intends to close at least part of its showrooms beginning next year.

If you order a Bike or Tread from Dick's, Peloton will handle shipping and setup for you. That may not last long, as the firm revealed in August that it will lay off members of its distribution staff and rely only on third-party organizations for delivery and equipment setup.

The Dick's collaboration is part of Peloton's goal to accelerate expansion and improve revenue following disappointing earnings results. In line with that strategy, Peloton has expanded Bike rentals to 48 states.

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