PlayStation Plus Subscription Stacking Stopped By Sony

PlayStation Plus Subscription Stacking Stopped By Sony

Last month, savvy customers began purchasing PS Now subscriptions. The increase in gross sales resulted from what looked to be a significant loophole in the planned PS Plus program. Members are expected to save up to 50% on PS Plus Premium due to how current subscriptions will transfer over. So they bought up years' worth of PS Now subscriptions to maximize their financial savings.

Sony has not commented, but current PS Plus subscribers have begun receiving emails stating that they will "keep any stacked membership interval" that they have already paid for.

How Will The PS Now To PS Plus Conversion Work?

After reading the opening statements about PS Now memberships migrating to PS Plus Premium. They went crazy and purchased as many PS Now subscriptions as they could.

A 12-month PS Now subscription will convert to a 12-month PS Plus Premium subscription for $59.99 / £49.99. The new PS Plus plan's top tier will cost $119.99 / £99.99, a 50% discount.

Sony operates on the monetary value of the subscription rather than its duration. As a result, the email notifying clients that their pre-paid stacking subscription will be fulfilled is still valid. All the relevant information is provided in the chart above.

According to Sony's newest announcement, Stack subscribers will be unable to redeem their subscriptions until June.


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Sony has stated that subscription stacking has been "temporarily" disabled, while coupon codes will remain valid when purchased. Some users sought to extend their PlayStation Plus subscriptions by redeeming PS Plus and PS Now codes before the debut of the new PlayStation Plus membership program.

Subscribers had reported that their coupons were refused when they sought to redeem them, with many examples appearing on both forums and social media.

When a pre-paid card—purchased from Sony or a third-party vendor—is used to prolong a current membership before it expires, it's known as membership stacking. It's most common when subscription codes are cheap. Some customers identified a loophole after Sony explained how it was revamping its subscription program. It allows them to stack PS Now memberships and convert them to PS Plus Premium for free.

There will be three tiers to the new PlayStation Plus system. PlayStation Plus Essential is the most basic grade, and it's the same as the current version of PlayStation Plus. The second tier is PlayStation Plus Extra, like PlayStation Now but will include PS5 games, like Returnal. PlayStation Plus Premium is the third (and most expensive) tier, allowing subscribers to play select PS1, PS2, and PSP games. It's unknown what retro titles will be available as part of PlayStation Plus. According to a recent age rating, the Syphon Filter series will be heading to PS+ Premium in the future.

Sony had sought to remove this loophole, so fans were looking for PlayStation Now subscriptions to take advantage of this discount. Sony's first goal was to take PlayStation Now vouchers from stores and block the ability to stack 12-month memberships on digital storefronts. The problem is that third-party retailers still have PlayStation Now codes to take advantage of the new bargain. Someone would only need to buy a three-month pass and then upgrade their PlayStation Plus subscription.

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