Prices Of GPUs May Soon Fall Below MSRP, Causing a 'Surge' of Gamers Purchasing Computers

Prices Of GPUs May Soon Fall Below MSRP, Causing a 'Surge' of Gamers Purchasing Computers

As more individuals create their PCs in the second half of 2022, Corsair expects GPU supply to increase and prices to return to MSRP. Perhaps we'll see price labels drop below recommended cost with discounts.

Corsair's CEO, Andy Paul, recently announced the company's Q1 financial results. They noted that the quarter saw "positive underlying growth trends" in playing games hardware, despite continued headwinds. The chief executive specifically addressed the situation surrounding self-build PCs and graphics cards.

According to PC Gamer, in Q1 2022, GPUs were the most expensive single component in a gaming PC. It costs around 150 percent more than MSRP on average. But even with that premium, Paul stated that "gaming PC build activity [was] slightly higher than pre-pandemic and pre-GPU shortage levels."

"We expect GPU cards to be back to MSRP in the near term, possibly discounted below MSRP," Paul continued. As GPU and CPU components become more widely available and competitively priced, we foresee a boom in self-built gaming PC activity in 2H22 and 2023. Peripherals are seeing a similar upward trend."

In 2022, Why Are GPU Prices So High?

It's not that GPU prices are sky-high in 2022; instead, they've been continuously rising since 2021.


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The epidemic, which interrupted the supply chain, contributed to the significant price increase. However, there were other events to consider.

During the lockdown in several nations, many people went to their gaming sessions. They felt they needed to upgrade their computers. Others, who were more focused on crypto mining and GPUs, sold like hotcakes. When you include in the inevitable scalpers, it's easy to see why GPU costs are higher. However, prices have dropped little during the last few months.

Should You Invest In A New GPU Now?

The GPU pricing we've seen so far this month is fantastic. We noticed a 5% loss in January, which grew to roughly 8% in February and 12 percent in March. We've seen an extra 15% drop for both new and used graphics cards in April.

Assuming you have the patience to wait, we believe this situation can be divided into two market sectors. It doesn't make sense for high-end purchasers to spend a lot of money on current-gen GPUs at or above MSRP right now. AMD, especially Nvidia, will likely release high-end products when next-gen GPUs are released. It will quickly degrade the status of those high-end, low-value products.

A GPU like RTX 3090 Ti, which was just released for $2,000, could be overtaken by something faster at a comparable price later this year. With the current cost, we don't believe cards with MSRPs over $700 are a good investment right now. We'd like to see the RTX 3080's price drop to around $700.


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Even when additional high-end GPUs are released, mainstream GPUs will remain in the $300 range, as Nvidia did with the GeForce 16 series after Ampere was released. If you keep waiting, you might see a slight price reduction. Still, no significant price-to-performance improvements are on the horizon.

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