QualComm Will Stop Selling Chips to Russia

QualComm Will Stop Selling Chips to Russia

Qualcomm has stated that it has ceased selling chips and other items to Russian firms to comply with US sanctions imposed on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

Following the invasion, several large US corporations have discontinued or closed their activities in Russia, including technology companies that have ceased selling their goods to Russian firms.

For example, Microsoft has stopped granting new Office 365 subscriptions in the nation.

Qualcomm Ukraine

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Federov encouraged Qualcomm to follow suit, stating that Qualcomm devices were still available in Russia and were “inadvertently” aiding Moscow to “murder thousands of Ukrainians.”

“The IT industry always supports values of responsibility and democracy. We believe your company also shares them,” Federov said in a letter to the company. “Now, responsibility is the choice that defines the future. And now, more than ever, people’s lives depend on your preference.

Qualcomm responded in a tweet, noting: “This is incorrect. Qualcomm has called for a peaceful resolution to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, made direct donations to relief organizations, & match employee contributions. We have stopped selling products to Russian companies & comply with US sanctions.”

Federov later responded to praise Qualcomm for acting and recommended that the business supply satellite phones to Ukrainian rescuers so that they could respond to emergencies and communicate with one another more rapidly.

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