Realme's Next Cheap Phone Gets Samsung Tech that Even the Galaxy S22 Ultra Didn't

Realme's Next Cheap Phone Gets Samsung Tech that Even the Galaxy S22 Ultra Didn't

It's no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra didn't bring any significant camera hardware improvements over the S21 Ultra. However, a newer version of the primary sensor used in those phones has been announced, and curiously, it will make its debut in an upcoming low-cost phone from Realme Technologies. 

Realme is one of the most well-known smartphone manufacturers. In 2018, the brand launched as an offshoot of the Chinese brand OPPO to provide affordable smartphones to young people worldwide. As a result, The public regarded Realme's new mobile phones highly. Every year, the company is well-known for releasing many smartphones.


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This announcement comes directly from Realme, a fast-rising Chinese smartphone manufacturer, confirmed in a press release that the next Realme 9 will be the first smartphone to feature the 108MP Samsung ISOCELL HM6 camera sensor previously only available on Samsung smartphones. 

Because of the smaller pixels on this new sensor, it has a more aesthetically pleasing design. It is expected to be used in slim, compact devices with a tiny camera module. The new sensors have a 15 percent smaller surface area and a 10 percent smaller thickness than the previous models. The smaller size of the new sensors allows smartphone manufacturers to be more creative in the design of their products. 

Samsung has used ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO technology, optimized for 0.7-micrometer pixels, to ensure that the smaller pixels do not impact the overall image quality. ISOCELL Plus, which uses a wall-like structure to retain light received in pixels, and Smart-ISO, which intelligently adjusts ISO to make the most of the transmitted light, are available. 

The 108MP HM3 was used in the latest two Samsung Galaxy S Ultras (there was no HM4 or HM5), and they were notable for being the first and only phones to use this super-powerful phone sensor. 


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This new sensor is a significant victory for Realme, which has experienced rapid growth in recent months, and Realme 9 has the potential to continue this trend if it is any good.

We have no idea when it will be released, but the Realme 9 Pro Plus, which was released recently and impressed us greatly, suggests that the upcoming phone will be a more affordable version of that device. 

Analysis: Will The Realme 9 Defeat The Samsung Galaxy S22?

Note that the HM6 is not necessarily a better camera than the HM3, as Samsung's ISOCELL sensors are not always a straightforward improvement over their predecessors in terms of performance. Whereas the Samsung HM1 and HM3 were both large sensors exclusive to Samsung's phones, the HM2 was a smaller sensor used by many other manufacturers.

Unfortunately, there isn't enough information on the HM6 to say whether it is better or worse than the HM3. Realme 9 can't compete with Samsung's high-end flagship in photography. 

Since it's a sure thing that the Realme 9 will be a low-cost smartphone, its name alone suggests it will be more affordable than the similarly priced Realme 9 Pro Plus. As a result, while the handset may have a high-resolution primary camera, it does not necessarily follow that it will have equivalent sensors for its other rear cameras.

Photographers can capture stunning images with a broader field of view, from a distance or close, because great camera phones don't just have one fantastic camera. They have a whole bunch of them. You'll need periscope, ultra-wide, macro, and other lenses for this. 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra is distinguished by its slim overall design and unique bezel-less camera cluster. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra consists of four rear cameras, making it a versatile device used in various situations. The Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Kit boasts the world's largest pixel sensor and the most powerful artificial intelligence available, bringing together iconic and cutting-edge technologies. Darkness is no longer an impediment to your ability to create eye-catching contemporary frames. The latest Camera suite on the Galaxy S22 Ultra provides a perfect shooting experience in all lighting conditions. Frames are detailed and highly bright, captured in high resolution.

On the other hand, that array is costly, so the Ultra is a high-end phone. The Realme 9, significantly less expensive, cannot compete with that hardware.


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Consequently, the Realme 9 will not be able to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (unless Realme shocks us by launching this as a $1,000+ smartphone, which is highly unlikely). However, it has the potential to be the best budget camera phone. 


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