Resources for Children with Special Needs

Resources for Children with Special Needs (RCSN) is New York City’s only independent nonprofit organization that works for families and children with all disabilities, across all boroughs, to understand, navigate, and access the services needed to ensure that all children and youth have the opportunity to develop their full potential.

Resources for Children with Special Needs

Founded in 1983 by three New York mothers, RCSN serves families of children and young adults in NYC with all disabilities – social, cognitive, physical, and behavioral – with an emphasis on the city's highest-needs families and communities, and the organizations that serve them.

Through individual advocacy, specialized trainings and community awareness events, we:

RCSN is one of the country’s 100 federally-funded Parent Training and Information Centers. RCSN also leads the New York State Education Department Special Education Parent Centers for theBronx and Manhattan.

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