RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition Leak Shows A Ridiculous GPU Plan of Nvidia

RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition Leak Shows A Ridiculous GPU Plan of Nvidia

It can be challenging to believe, but it has been almost a year since Nvidia’s RTX 3000 GPUs were released, but the most excellent graphics cards do not wait, and it appears that RTX 4000 products will be available sooner rather than later.

While the raw performance of team green’s RTX GPUs is appealing to everyone seeking to improve their gaming PC, features like Nvidia Reflex and Nvidia DLSS lift the graphics cards above their Intel Arc Alchemist and AMD RDNA 3 competitors. RTX 4000 cards will almost certainly include the same, if not more, technology.

On the other hand, Nvidia isn’t happy with dominating the desktop GPU market; it has its sights set on the cloud.


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Through cloud streaming, the company’s Nvidia GeForce Now service presently enables up to RTX 3080 levels of performance to a wide range of devices, including low-spec PCs and smartphones (and not-so-smart phones). Team Green will likely upgrade GeForce Now with RTX 4000 graphics cards following their general availability. 

GPU Fans Should Now Look Away.

We now understand the impending Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti, expected to be the most powerful – and most costly – gaming GPU on the market when it launches later this year.


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While the powerful Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti is likely to be a niche product, it might still be a significant release since it will give us a sense of future Nvidia GPUs. If that is the case, then these fresh leaks have us concerned.

One of the most recent leaks shows off the Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition, a reference card designed and manufactured by Nvidia.

In contrast to the Founders Edition exhibited at CES 2022, subsequent leaks have shown us aftermarket designs (and performance benchmarks) for the RTX 3090 Ti from third parties rather than the Founders Edition.

Some speculated that the Founders Edition of the RTX 3090 Ti might not exist after all, or at least not be available to the general public.

Although not officially confirmed by AMD, VideoCardz has published a set of images of the RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition, which provides a closer look at the GPU and includes a box shot that practically confirms the existence of this model.

The Founders Edition RTX 3090 Ti looks nearly identical to the Founders Edition RTX 3090, and it will once again be a heavy three-slot GPU, as many of us predicted.


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So, if you were not a fan of the RTX 3090’s sheer size, or if you have a minor PC case with little room, you could be disappointed.

The RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition, on the other hand, has a PCIe Gen 5 16-pin power connector rather than the 12-pin connector seen in the RTX 3090 Founders Edition.

To use your PSU (power supply unit), you’ll need to use an adaptor, most likely supplied in the package.

Third-party RTX 3090 Tis have been spotted using the new 16-pin connector, whereas the 12-pin connection was only found on Nvidia’s RTX 3090 and a few GPUs based on Nvidia’s reference design.

The 16-pin connector is likely to be used by high-end variants of Nvidia’s next-generation ‘Lovelace’ graphics cards, such as the speculated (and, let’s face it, practically inevitable) RTX 4080.

It may concern some people because it implies using an adaptor. But it also means that next-generation Nvidia GPUs may be highly power hungry - the RTX 3090 Ti might have a massive TDP of 450W, compared to the already-high 350W of the RTX 3090.

A new PSU will almost certainly be required for PC gamers whose systems are powered by a PSU that provides less than 1000W of power.

That’s not only an expensive update, but it can also be a hassle because the PSU connects to many components, including the GPU, SSDs, and motherboard, making moving them out time-consuming and complicated.

With fast-rising energy costs, this change could have long-term cost implications for gamers, particularly if the trend of ever-more power-hungry GPUs continues.

However, another RTX 3090 Ti leak surfaced over the weekend, which, if authentic, has us concerned.

Ridiculous Expensive

According to these reports, the RTX 3090 Ti will give a performance boost of between 5% and 10% over the RTX 3090 at 4K.

While this makes the 3090 Ti, which appears to deliver 43 teraflops of power, an extremely impressive GPU, those expecting a more significant leap over the older card will undoubtedly be disappointed.

It will undoubtedly be the case if the RTX 3090 Ti is priced significantly higher than the RTX 3090, as some reports claim.

According to another source, the RTX 3090 Ti will have the same MSRP as the 3090: $1,499 (about £1,150 / AU$2,000).

It would be a (pleasant) surprise, according to the insider, because of the minor performance boost over the RTX 3090. It would also imply that the RTX 3090’s price could be reduced.

That would be another positive trend because even while GPU prices are falling globally, it is still challenging to find graphics cards selling for MSRP. We also hope that this minor update isn’t a foreshadowing of things to come.

Nvidia’s RTX 4000 GPUs, slated to be released later this year, will need to provide a significant performance gain over the current generation of RTX 3000 graphics cards to justify their release when GPUs are still scarce. 

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