RTX 4090 Real-world Clock Speed Revealed

RTX 4090 Real-world Clock Speed Revealed

Nvidia will be sending us a review unit of the RTX 4090 very soon, so we're quite thrilled to get our hands on it and see if it's worth the high price tag. Meanwhile, Nvidia was kind enough to provide us with some test video of Cyberpunk 2077 running on the new GPU, expressly to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of DLSS 3.

The demo was ran at 1400p resolution and maximum graphics settings (with Ultra Ray Tracing enabled), and Nvidia generously presented some current GPU metrics on screen during the demonstration, revealing some interesting statistics regarding how well the RTX 4090 performed.

The first - and arguably most intriguing - piece of information we received was that this RTX 4090 was running at boost rates as high as 2,850MHz, which is 330Hz higher than the previously stated 'official' boost frequency of 2,520MHz. Nvidia previously stated that the GPU overclocked to 3,000MHz during internal testing, so this isn't totally surprising, but it's nice to see the card functioning at such a high overclock.

In terms of real performance in-game, the RTX 4090 achieved an average framerate of slightly under 60fps when using native resolution and turning off DLSS 3. Turning on DLSS 3 (in the Quality setting) resulted in a significant performance boost, raising the average framerate to 171fps and reducing power usage by more than 110W.

That's a significant increase in performance-per-Watt, which is encouraging given that the new RTX GPUs are pretty power-hungry components. It extends beyond framerates; using Nvidia's third-generation upscaling tech reduced average latency by 29% and marginally reduced the card's maximum operational temperature, which sat between 50C and 53C throughout the DLSS 3 demo.

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